The latest updates and spoilers for "Legends of tomorrow" Season 3 reveal that Wentworth Miller announced his departure from the "Arrowverse" and he is finishing his last scenes from the show and "The Flash" TV series. The "Prison Break" star is best known for portraying DC villain Leonard Snart a.k.a. Captain Cold and he has become a fan-favorite in the series.

The CW Network announced that "Fringe" actor John Noble has been cast to play the show's main antagonist, Mallus in the third season.

Goodbye Captain Cold

Wentworth Miller announced his departure from the "Arrowverse" through an Instagram post stating that he is finishing his last scenes from "Legends of Tomorrow" and "The Flash" TV series.

Miller went on to thank the show's producers, cast, and crew for giving him the opportunity to be part of the DC Universe.

Captain Cold was first introduced in "The Flash" TV series as a recurring villain for Barry Allen and Team Flash in season 1. He and his partner, Mick Rory (Heatwave) were recruited by Rip Hunter to stop Vandal Savage across time in the first season of "Legends of Tomorrow," and sacrificed his life to save the team against the Time Masters.

The latter returned in season 2 as a member of the Legion of Doom and has hunted the Legends to find the Spear of Destiny to change reality. An alternate version of Captain Cold was spotted in the behind-the-scenes photos of the "Crisis on Earth X" crossover, sporting a new costume similar to his comic book counterpart.

Victor Garber announced that he will also leave "Legends of Tomorrow," leaving the status of Firestorm jeopardy.

The DC TV heroes will join forces with The Ray and his Freedom Fighters to combat the evil Earth X army led by Overgirl, Prometheus X, and evil Flash.

Mallus actor cast

According to Entertainment Weekly, John Noble has been cast to play the villainous Mallus in "Legends of Tomorrow" season 3.

Mallus is a notorious ancient being that Rip Hunter and his Time Bureau have been hunting down ever since the Legends broke time and created the anachronisms.

Mallus has recruited Kuasa and Damien Darhk for his nefarious schemes and it will take the combined might of the Legends and the Time Bureau to stop them from destroying time and reality.

Zari and Vixen will also have an important role this season as the villains are also after the Zambesi totems and they are connected to the season's main plotline.

John Constantine will also join the show's third season as he helps the legends on a case in a two-part episode.