During his nightly takedown of President Donald J. Trump, Late Night host, Stephen Colbert noticed a pattern in some of his speeches during the president's ongoing Asian trip, as well as the Republican party's recent election losses. Colbert noticed that no matter how serious the situation is, Donald Trump always finds time to praise himself. Whether it be talking about the resiliency of the South Korean people or the massive losses by the GOP during this year's elections, Trump will always return to his favorite topic, which of course, is himself.

On the Republicans losing many elected positions one year after Trump's presidential victory

Colbert started off his monologue by talking about the recent elections around the United States where the GOP suffered major losses, particularly in New Jersey and Virginia. These major losses come exactly one year after Trump won the presidency. "Democrats commemorated this anniversary by kicking Trumps a** by using his archenemy, the popular vote," Colbert joked. Colbert then started talking about the big wins by Democrats, including one in Montana where a town elected the state's first-ever black mayor.The Late Night host then talked about New Jersey, which is where Governor Chris Christie was unseated by the Democratic candidate, Phil Murphy.

Colbert then tried to mimic Murphy's celebrations by jumping around just like New Jersey's new governor.

The funnyman also went on to talk about what is perhaps the biggest win the Democrats may have had during the election, and that is in Virginia. The host made fun of how the Democrats were surprised how successful they were, and also talked about the state's first transgender lawmaker, Danica Roem, who defeated the man who describes himself as the state's "Chief Homophobe," Bob Marshall.

Colbert was also quick to point out the irony because Marshall was also the man behind Virginia's controversial Bathroom Bill. "Soon, there will be on bathroom Bob Marshall can't use, the one in his office," Colbert joked.

But of course, he also talked about Virgina's big race for governor, which Democrat Ralph Northam won handily.

The Republican candidate, Ed Gillespie, ran a campaign based on Trump's tactics and focused on some of the president's major talking points. However, because he lost the elections, Colbert pointed out how quickly Trump abandoned him after throwing much support for his candidate. He talked about how Gillespie copied Trump's "whole playbook." However, Colbert did try to console the losing candidate, as he joked that his state likes making statues of "losers."

A Narcissist in Asia

And speaking of Trump, Colbert then talked about the president's recent Asian tour. When Trump was talking to South Korea's National Assembly, he tried to talk about the South Koreans' resiliency. However, Trump managed to quickly change the topic and talk about himself.

"That is a hard turn from 'Korean life expectancy' to "I won the election," Colbert remarked. But he wasn't done, as Trump tried to talk about how good the South Koreans are in Golf, before of course, talking about the fact that one of his Trump resorts hosted the Women's US Open for golf.

But the biggest question from his South Korean trip is, of course, North Korea. Colbert then proceeded to blast Trump on his vague remarks on whether he will visit the country's Demilitarized Zone (DMZ), much like past US presidents. When Trump answered that it will be a surprise, Colbert questioned whether Trump really knows what a surprise really is. However, it seems like Sarah Huckabee-Sanders spoiled the surprise when she told the press "This is where we're going," while holding up a piece of paper with the letters DMZ on it. But then again, it seems that Trump's trip to the DMZ was canceled due to fog, which Colbert also made fun of.