chance the rapper has made quite a name for himself over the past couple of years. Aside from creating free music, Chance has become known as an advocate for education and Chicago's youth. At 24-years-old, Chance the Rapper has already won the B.E.T. Humanitarian Award. However, the fight isn't over and he knows it. Chance recently attended a Chicago City Council meeting in order to protest the city spending $95 million on a new police academy, while refusing to allocate funding for their schools.

Chicago public schools

One of Chance's biggest fights has been to get more funding for Chicago Public Schools (CPS), especially on the west side of the city.

Earlier this year, the rapper announced his plans to donate $1 million to the school system and he inspired many others to donate as well. He has started his own project for the donations, as well as volunteering places to donate the proceeds to schools, and donating 30,000 backpacks filled with school supplies to CPS.

Chance has been a successful musician as well as being a successful advocate for education. He was nominated for seven Grammy's this year and won three of them. Throughout all of his fame, Chance the Rapper has never forgotten about his city. His music often references his love for Chicago and the need to make it a better place.

The government's lack of concern

On Wednesday, Chance took action again.

He appeared at a Chicago City Council meeting in order to express his frustration that the city was willing to spend $95 million that they don't have to build a new police academy, but refuse to try to make any changes to the underfunded school system. Mayor Rahm Emanuel left the room before Chance started to speak. Nevertheless, Chance made sure his voice was heard, as shown in the clip below.

There's definitely a good reason for the rapper to be frustrated. Instead of focusing on the youth and keeping kids off the streets, the local government is more concerned with police training. This is especially frustrating when the Chicago Police Department has a long history of using violent and excessive force in situations where it's not needed and is not using proper training to de-escalate these situations.

The government proposes a whole new police academy to properly train police officers.

While proper police training is important, there is no reason to spend $95 million to build an entirely new academy for it. Chicago Public Schools desperately needs funding. The schools could use several new things, such as libraries and music programs, to keep students busy and involved in extra-curricular activities, instead of being in possible danger out on the streets. Whatever happens, we know that Chance has something up his sleeve.