William deVry is back on “General Hospital” as Julian Jerome as of Monday's episode, and fans are anxious for spoilers regarding what comes next. The last that “GH” viewers saw of William, Julian was off to Pentonville with a 15-year prison sentence. That exit came as deVry and the show determined that they could not come to terms on a new contract. However, a new deal is now in place and viewers wonder what the writers have in store for this popular character.

'General Hospital' fans have lots to look forward to with deVry's return

The “General Hospital” star spoke to TV Insider about returning to the show.

William deVry notes that he has a slow re-entry, as he will only appear in three episodes during the first two weeks of his return. However, once that third week hits, viewers can expect things to start to get wild.

deVry signed a three-year deal in this “General Hospital” return, which is great news for fans of his character Julian. Will there be a “Julexis” reunion with Nancy Lee Grahn's Alexis? William says that people shouldn't give up on Julexis yet, and he feels confident that the writers will find a solid way to exonerate Jerome for all of his evil deeds.

Julexis fans should brace themselves for a wild ride

The fan-favorite “General Hospital” actor notes that good writing can get a character out of a corner and he knows that the majority of the “GH” audience ultimately wants to see Julian and Alexis together again.

What about those who think it's too late to redeem Jerome? DeVry says that he hopes those viewers can be lured back with a good story, and given the three-year contract that is in place, it seems clear that the writers have a plan that they think can do the trick.

For now, “General Hospital” spoilers detail that Alexis and Julian will remain estranged.

They will both do their best to move on from one another and deVry details that redemption and a reunion, in this case, cannot be rushed. DeVry was prepared to be gone for good from “GH” and he explains that he can't necessarily go into great detail regarding the tough negotiations that took place. However, he credits the passionate reaction from the Julexis Army for helping to bring him back to the role.

Do you think that Alexis and Julian are meant to be together? Can Jerome be redeemed and are you happy to see William deVry back on “General Hospital”? DeVry's return begins on Monday, November 6 and spoilers hint that toward the end of November sweeps, things will really begin to get intense.