General Hospital” spoilers for Wednesday, October 25 tease there are intense moments on the way between Sonny Corinthos and Patient 6. Fans may have thought they had a lot of the details related to this storyline figured out already, but the writers are throwing in some twists and turns and people are anxious to see where things head next. What do “GH” spoilers reveal about the next episode?

What comes next on 'GH' between Burton and Benard's characters?

Everybody was left hanging at the end of Tuesday's show as Patient 6, played by Steve Burton, confronted Maurice Benard's Sonny.

Naturally, Corinthos will be stunned to see this face and will demand to know who this person is. All signs seem to be pointing toward Burton playing the real Jason Morgan, but plenty of questions remain.

Who is behind this twisted situation, how is Andre involved, and what does that mean for Billy Miller's character?

According to the “General Hospital” spoilers from Celeb Dirty Laundry, Patient 6 will tell Sonny quite a bit about what he has been through, and Corinthos faces a difficult choice. Does he believe that this man is Jason or will he remain suspicious?

It sounds as if Sonny will be fairly convinced that Patient 6 is telling him the truth by the end of this confrontation, and as the week continues, he will trust his instincts in moving forward.

Secrets complicate relationships on the next 'GH'

She Knows Soaps adds that Wednesday's show will bring a confrontation between Michael and Nelle. “General Hospital” spoilers share that Michael will be pushing Nelle to be truthful about her past, but she will be adamant that he needs to stop digging into things. Viewers will see Maxie and Nina in the steam room discussing a potential proposition and Nathan will be in a tough spot as Amy asks how things went with him telling Maxie about Man Landers.

Monica will feel ready to pass along a family heirloom of some sort and “General Hospital” spoilers indicate that Griffin will be suspicious of Ava as she scrambles and tries to balance this burgeoning relationship with Griffin alongside what she knows about Patient 6. In addition, Sam will be working through some nerves as she prepares for the big launch event, with Billy Miller's "Jason" trying to convince her that everything will be fine.

Where are things headed next with this Patient 6 storyline involving Steve Burton? The actor has teased that he will be around for quite a while and even if he indeed turns out to be the true Jason Morgan, "General Hospital" spoilers hint that there are still multiple shockers on the way.