Fans of "The Young and the Restless" were divided regarding which woman they wanted Billy to end up with. Many have been devoted "Villy" fans for years, while others believed "Philly" was a better couple. There are even viewers who did not want to see either woman end up with "Billy Boy." Last week all of Billy's recent actions came crashing down around him and both Phyllis and Victoria kicked him to the curb. Head writer Mal Young is keeping his promise to make changes in Genoa City, as nothing is going in a direction that seems obvious.

Mal Young's influence is turning things around on "Y&R"

Victoria and Billy had been getting closer as he was helping her to keep Brash and Sassy afloat. Spoiler alerts indicated that a health crisis was going to bring "Villy" together and Phyllis would be out of their lives. Instead, Mal Young came in and upset the apple cart by changing things in Genoa City. Instead of a brain tumor being the reason for Vicky's symptoms, she was poisoned by toxins in the men's line face masks. The shocker came when It was revealed that Billy cut corners by using a company that used tainted ingredients in its product.

Victoria fired Billy and on Monday told him their only connection was the children. She also allowed Victor to take over Brash and Sassy in order to save her company.

After months of sparing with Phyllis over her ex-husband, and even kissing him, the influence of the new head writer is evident in how he flipped the script and "Villy" is no more. This came after Phyllis kicked him out of her apartment and says she is done with him as well.

Once again Billy has gambled and lost all

Billy is a gambler and always goes to the limit in every situation.

He was enjoying living with Phyllis, while Victoria was seeking his attention as well. He should have known he was playing with fire, and now he has been burned, literally and figuratively. He believed he could help his ex-wife during the day in the company, co-parent their children, and have Phyllis after hours but it did not work.

Now both women have washed their hands of him.

Victoria is now back in the good graces of her father so her fixation with her former spouse will now decrease. When she told him on Monday that their only connection is Johnny and Catherine, it seemed as if she truly meant it. Now that Vicky is out of the picture, Phyllis can breathe a little easier. As she has no rival for the love of Billy Abbott, she too will probably soon lose interest. Stay tuned weekday afternoons for more episodes of "The Young and the Restless" at 12:30 PM on CBS.