Steve Burton is back on “General Hospital” and viewers are dying for spoilers regarding his return. The soap is dishing out some juicy details here and there regarding “Patient Six” and his connection to Port Charles, but will he really turn out to be Jason Morgan? Burton has teased that he'll be around for a while and a recent interview revealed some additional spoilers about what lies ahead.

Burton plans to stick with 'General Hospital' for a while

Soap news guru Michael Fairman just released an interview he recently did with Steve Burton and the “General Hospital” actor details that he has returned to do much more than a stunt casting drive-by.

He says that he signed a three-year contract and he adds that he would like to stick around beyond that.

Patient Six has realized that he has lost five years of his life and he is anxious to make his way to Port Charles to reunite with his loved ones. Many think that this means that Burton will turn out to be “Stone Cold” Jason Morgan and that Billy Miller will turn out to be his twin brother Drew. As "GH" viewers know, there have been plenty of breadcrumbs dropped already that point toward that outcome. However, fans may want to brace themselves for additional twists and turns.

Have 'General Hospital' fans really figured out the truth?

Heading into Burton's return, executive producer Frank Valentini talked with TVLine about the upcoming “General Hospital” storyline.

At the time, he noted that many were assuming that Steve would be playing Jason again, but he added that he hadn't seen any fan theories that were entirely correct. In addition, he teased that it will take about nine months for this all to come together, so viewers may not want to get too comfortable in their assumptions about Jason versus Drew.

The decision to bring Burton back to "GH" has been a controversial one among viewers. To some, Steve is the true Jason Morgan, while many others love Billy and don't want him displaced. Valentini pointed out that this storyline will impact almost everybody in Port Charles, regardless of whether Burton is playing Jason or Drew.

It sounds as if they intend to keep both actors in the mix of things, but time will tell whether viewers buy into the twists ahead.

Patient Six will hit Port Charles soon and there is no doubt his arrival will leave people stunned. What will this mean for Sam and her children, and how will Elizabeth figure into this stunning development? Have "GH" viewers figured out the basics of this story or will the months ahead shake things up in unexpected ways? Stay tuned for additional "General Hospital" spoilers as Steve Burton's return plays out and see if your theories are correct.