We are approaching the Christmas holiday season, and that means a couple of things for the Duggar family; which would be drama and family photo albums. Well, Jill Duggar just released a family photo album and in it is a shocking surprise. The surprise would be that we finally get to see a picture of Jill’s new baby Samuel Dillard and her postpartum body. However, there is a certain bit of drama that comes along with this photo album. As a week before Jill released this photo album, her sister Jessa Duggar released a family photo album of her own.

How the rumors of the feud began

As mentioned above, these rumors about the two Duggar sisters feuding started because of the releases of the family photo albums and how both the albums were released around the same time. Some fans of the show believe that Jill released the album a week later because she saw all of the attention that her sister was getting and she wanted some.

Jessa has always updated fans on baby news whilst her other Duggar sisters are not as open as her. For example, Joy-Anna is yet to reveal how far along she is in her pregnancy and Jill only recently has shown her newborn baby on Instagram. This has again led many to believe that Jill released this album to show she can also be open with her fans just like Jessa.

In response to Jill Duggar releasing this photo album, the overall response has been rather positive. For example, one commenter of the Duggar photo album said: “Oh, I’m so glad to finally see pictures of Samuel.” However, with social media, there is always going to be one mean person having something to say. Well, this was the case here as some commenters decided to call her fat even though she just had a baby.

Now, don’t worry many fans came to her aid as one commenter said “Seriously? Did you just tell a young mother who recently had a baby that she still looks fat? How rude.”

Jill’s controversies on 'Counting On'

It is worth mentioning that it isn’t usually Jill that gets into feuds with her family. It is usually her husband, Derick Dillard.

An example of a feud that he has allegedly been in recently would be with Jinger Duggar’s husband, Jeremy Vuolo. This feud started because Dillard went to do some reportedly unsanctioned and unqualified missionary work and let’s just say Vuolo was not a fan. Vuolo actually came out and said that he thinks that doing missionary without a church is dangerous and it also does more harm than good. Now, I don't know about you but that exchange may make the Duggar Thanksgiving dinner a bit awkward.