One of "General Hospital's" most enduring characters, Michael Corinthos, can't catch a break when it comes to women. The situation doesn't look good for his romance with Nelle Benson. For Michael, however, situations involving a love affair with a woman usually don't look good.

'General Hospital' kills off Michael's girlfriends or sends them out of town

Michael's older girlfriend, Abby, was in Chicago talking with him on the phone when a crane load at a construction site was dumped on her. Perhaps she should have chosen a safer place to call. Anyway, she died.

He was then involved with Starr Manning, who was called out of town permanently when Prospect Park sued ABC for the rights to the character. Starr returned as a new character, Kiki Jerome. Michael dumped her when he found out she was keeping the details of his father A.J.'s death from him. By the way, that was A.J.'s second death, not his first. The first time, he broke his back and then was smothered while in the hospital.

On 'General Hospital,' Sabrina signed her death warrant when she fell for Michael

Michael's next true love was the lovely Sabrina Santiago. Alas, Sabrina, for the time being, was murdered and pronounced dead.

Now Nelle Benson has entered his life. She has a checkered history which becomes more checkered with each new report on her past.

Nelle's father sold her kidney to Josslyn's father, Jacks, on the black market. It took some time for anyone to find this out since Josslyn's kidney allegedly came from brain-dead Jake Spencer. Jake today is alive and well, having been kidnapped by Helena.

Then we learned, after months of speculation, that Nelle is the biological daughter of Carly's stepfather, Frank Benson.

Frank was bitter because Carly refused to give him money, so he cast her in a bad light to his daughter. What do you expect from a man who sold his daughter's kidney?

Nelle seeks revenge against Carly

Due to her warped perception of Carly, Nelle had it in for her. She finagled her way into Carly's life and became her assistant.

She drugged Sonny, hopped into bed with him, and made him think they had slept together. Believing her to be misunderstood and that she wanted to make amends, Michael took pity on her, a pity that turned to love.

It's apparent that the writers want us to suspect Nelle of being a nasty character but not know for sure - though I think that is changing. Digging into her past, it was learned that her fiance died under mysterious circumstances during a boating accident with her. She's a champion swimmer, but somehow, try as she might, she couldn't save him. She kept the engagement ring he gave her, a family heirloom. When the family wanted it back, Nelle said she didn't have it, but Michael learned that she did.

'General Hospital' wants us to have mixed feelings about Nelle -- for a while, anyway

Viewers were set up to suspect Nelle of stealing a valuable necklace during a fashion shoot, but she didn't. Now comes the big news -- Nelle was once institutionalized. This can't be much of a surprise.

Michael finally saw the light and broke up with her. Now the question is, can she prove she has been misunderstood? Or is she going to turn into Glenn Close in "Fatal Attraction?" I'm thinking the latter. Michael, you have done it again.