One thing that "General Hospital" fans know for sure, is that the most ruthless characters on the show can at times be the most caring and loving, as "GH" does not allow these criminals to be one-dimensional. The mobsters living in Port Charles have hearts that are so stone cold, they can order a hit, or execute it themselves without blinking. Moments later they will show themselves to be warm and caring toward family, especially their children.

Sonny and Ava love to hate each other

Two such characters are Sonny Corinthos, and Ava Jerome. Sonny is his own man, building a coffee business as a front for his illegal activity, and Ava is the daughter of mob kingpin Victor Jerome, and sister of Julian, so it's in her blood.

Her family have always been enemies of Sonny and this is where things get difficult. During the years of mob wars, the two families have become intertwined by blood relations.

Ava's daughter Kiki came to town as the girlfriend of Sonny's son Morgan. Kiki then began dating Sonny's oldest son Michael. Eventually she made her way back to Morgan again. In between the breakups and makeups, Ava herself began dating her daughter's ex. The entire town of Port Charles was in shock that Ava would date Morgan, who was barely legal, especially since he had once been involved with her daughter. Ava's brother Julian is the father of Sam, who is married to Sonny's best friend Jason. Julian, Sam's dad, is married to her mom Alexis, who happens to also have daughters by both Sonny and his half-brother, Rick.

Ava is always dressed to kill, literally

Ava Jerome is always immaculately dressed. Her hair, nails, makeup, and style is flawless. To look at her you would never suspect that she was a murderer, but she shot Sonny's lover Connie Falkenary to death. Sonny and Ava's loathing finally came to a head one day. They were arguing and expressing their hate for each other, when the passion took a turn.

They ended up having sex, and later, Ava found out she was pregnant. She had no idea which Corinthos was the baby daddy, father or son. DNA later proved Sonny to be the father, and the two were forced to co-parent a little girl they named Avery. This is why Sonny cannot retaliate against Ava for killing Connie, The mob boss cannot bring himself to kill the mother of his child.

The common denominator is family

Sonny and Ava have one important thing in common, they both have shown that they will go to great lengths to prove their love for their children. Each knows how to separate the business from family. This is especially true when it comes to little Avery. Mom and dad are always looking for reasons to prove the other an unfit parent, in order to obtain sole custody. On Friday, Ava believed she was gaining the upper hand when she overheard that Sonny and his wife Carly are getting divorced. Both mobsters need to dial it down a notch, and consider the facts. Each of them has been involved with or is currently running organized crime. Both have given orders for a hit, or killed someone themselves. They are more alike than they are different, and Avery needs them both.