Franco Baldwin used to be a brilliant artist and serial killer. That was when he was played by James Franco. His Franco was edgy, dangerous, charismatic, and had an obsession with Jason, supposedly because they were brothers.

Roger Howarth took over a role originated by James Franco

When he became Roger Howarth, it was discovered that Franco had a brain tumor and voila, his bad deeds were attributed to his disease. Roger Howarth is warm, funny, and made a big splash when he came to "General Hospital" in the role of Todd Manning. Unfortunately, Todd Manning was a victim of the Prospect Park lawsuit, so the popular Howarth returned, this time as Franco.

Franco rose from the dead

Franco is one of the many people whom we saw killed but somehow lived despite massive blood loss. And when he reappeared, there was no mystery, no supposed plastic surgery. Howarth was recognized as Franco.

I thought this was a huge mistake and a waste of Howarth's exceptional talent. Franco was a specific role, created for James Franco, and a pretty hateful one at that. Now Franco, once Jason's fraternal twin, now unrelated, is again in the middle of the ongoing Jason mystery. And he probably has the answer as to which twin is the real Jason, but he's not about to tell anyone.

Franco's love for Elizabeth clouds his judgment

Franco fears that when the identity of the "real" Jason is revealed, one Jason will be with Sam, and the other Jason will go after his girlfriend, Elizabeth.

It should be noted that both Jasons were involved with Elizabeth. So Franco is understandably insecure.

The other thing he fears is that whomever "Andrew Moore" is will remember that Franco tried to kill him. That's why Andrew was brought to an orphanage. That is something Franco need not worry about -- both Jasons loathe him anyway.

On the November 13 episode, we saw Franco burning a piece of paper that contained photos of the two Jasons. It had something to do with brain mapping. Since Steve Burton's face was first, it looked as if his memories were transferred into Billy Miller. I think we can assume this was done since Dr. Andre Maddox said this whole event started five years ago when Jason aka Steve Burton disappeared.

The question in everyone's mind still is -- okay, Steve Burton is Jason Morgan, but is Billy Willer Jason Quartermaine? The writers have to be planning a twist.

Franco has no incentive to do any talking and, due to his insecurities about Elizabeth, has no intention of doing so.

On 'General Hospital,' a few people know the truth

So who has the answers, and what are the answers? Dr. Andre Maddox knows who came first, Franco knows. Does Heather Webber know?

One thing is clear - the Burton Jason is acting like the Jason we knew five years ago. He wants Sam to be happy; he doesn't want to impose himself on her. And who can forget the way he spoke to baby Scout about Lila, the child Sam lost?

We know it can't be as simple as all that. If the fingerprints Diane subpoenas turn out to be those of Steve/Jason, that won't answer the question. Were the boys switched earlier? And if so, when?