"General Hospital's" Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn) still loves Julian Jerome (William Devry) despite the fact that he held a knife to her neck. And that was when they were getting along. Ever since she ran out on her wedding to Ned Ashton, Alexis has been in one awful relationship after another. Okay, Ned was a bigamist. Still, he was the best of the lot.

'General Hospital's' Alexis has a checkered history with men

Alexis managed to sleep with both Sonny Corinthos and marry his half-brother Ric, so her daughters Kristina and Molly are not only half-sisters but cousins.

Her oldest daughter, Samantha, is the daughter of a teenage liaison Alexis had with Julian Jerome. Julian was a mob character on "General Hospital" in the '80s.

The character was brought back by new writers along with his dead sister, Olivia. Actually, I think he was supposed to be dead too but for some reason, he was in witness protection. He arrived in Port Charles this time under the name Derek Wells.

'Julexis' made a wonderful, happy couple

Once reunited with her old lover, Alexis was blissfully happy, and the couple was very popular with "General Hospital" viewers. Then there was that pesky situation with the knife, which he later swore was because Olivia Jerome threatened him. I have to say Olivia Jerome because there is another Olivia on the show, Olivia Falconeri Ashton, Ned's latest bride.

Julian ultimately landed in prison, one of the few Port Charles residents to do so for any length of time. Recently, Alexis was made aware that he was badly beaten in prison and went to see him. You could see the strings of her heart playing that old sweet song, though she resists.

Proud feminist, good mother: what's with Alexis' bad boys?

What makes a brilliant attorney, a feminist, and a beautiful woman fall for one bad guy after another? Is being unlucky in love Alexis' lot in life? Seems that way.

A marriage of convenience evolved into a love story for Alexis and Sonny's brother, Ric Lansing. The union also produced a daughter, Molly.

Though an embezzler, kidnapper, killer, and the man who dissolved birth control pills into his wife Elizabeth's orange juice and kept Carly captive in a panic room, it seemed a good match. Unfortunately, Alexis found Ric and her daughter Sam making love on the living room floor.

One of Alexis' most notorious lovers was Jerry Jacks, one of those guys thought dead but returned with plastic surgery under another name. Jerry was responsible for one of General Hospital's biggest storylines, the MetroCourt hostage crisis. Blackmailer, kidnapper, bomber, arsonist -- what more could a woman want in a man? Not only that, but Alexis came home one day and found him with her daughter Sam in the hot tub.

There was Shawn Butler, who worked for Sonny and is now in prison.

Shawn became interested in Alexis during a game of strip pool. Though she agreed to go on a date with him, it did not happen due to Jerry Jacks poisoning the town's water and taking Alexis hostage. Shawn rescued her, and the two attended one of Sonny's weddings together.

The relationship ended when Shawn botched a hit on Franco and shot Olivia Falconeri instead. It was then that Alexis realized the full extent of Shawn's involvement with Sonny.

Are 'General Hospital's' Julian and Alexis star-crossed?

What will happen now between Julian and Alexis? There is no question that he will somehow be released from prison. And I don't think there is any question that he will become part of Alexis' life again.

Though she tries to learn her lessons, Alexis is like a magnet for these bad boys and vice versa.

By the way, attempts to fix her up with the former police commissioner and all around nice guy Mac Scorpio failed. He has no criminal record.