"General Hospital" spoiler alerts have dropped a bombshell regarding the identity of the twins. According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, November 30 will be the day that several Port Charles residents will declare that evidence proves Patient 6 is Jason Morgan and that Sam's husband is Andrew. Spoilers also point out that this is only round one, and the script could be flipped later on. Early on, executive producer Frank Valentini, said this storyline would take nine months to play out, so keep in mind there are seven months to go until the whole truth will be made available.

Until that time, there are still questions as to where Drew has been all this time, no matter which man turns out to be him.

Curtis and Jordan will play a role in revealing which man is Jason

Right now, Curtis is the only person who is sticking by Billy Miller's character because this is the only Jason Morgan he has ever known. Jason asked him to do some digging and obtain proof that he is the real deal and that Patient 6 is Andrew. Spoilers indicate that Jordan will also be investigating the matter and she and her lover will compare notes. She and Curtis will come to the same conclusion and Ms. Ashford will encourage him to reveal what he has found.

Spoilers suggest that their investigations have led them to believe that Patient 6 is Jason.

This will be devastating for Curtis because he and Sam's current husband have been boding. This may be why Jordan has to insist that he tell the truth. Carly, Sonny, and Diane already believe that the man who was in the Russian clinic is their beloved Stone Cold, but Sam is undecided. This news is going to confuse her and also cause the man she is living with to go ballistic.

Billy Miller's character will be frantic to prove his identity

Billy Miller's character went through so many changes to come to the conclusion that he was Jason Morgan, and now he has to listen to his loved ones say he is Andrew. He is already volatile and stays in fight mode so this will no doubt push him over the edge. To add insult to injury the man he hates most in the world is a key player in this identity crisis.

Franco is believed to know the truth and spoilers say on November 30 he will come clean regarding a situation,

It is believed that on this day Franco will confirm what Jordan and Curtis have revealed, and admit that he knows that Patient 6 is Jason. This will seem to be more evidence that the man Sam is living with is the twin no one knew about.Stay tuned to "General Hospital" weekday afternoons on ABC at 2:00 PM