Spoiler alerts from Celeb Dirty Laundry promise an intriguing "General Hospital" episode on Monday (Nov. 13). After Jordan reveals that Jake Doe and Patient 6 share the same DNA, Sam, Carly, and Sonny will be stunned. Both Jasons will then explain how Franco announced that Susan Moore had given birth to twins and one named Andrew was raised by Betsy Frank, but died as a child. The two Jasons come to the conclusion that the only answer for the shared DNA is if the death certificate provided by Franco is fake and one of them is Andrew. Jason/Jake boldly looks Patient 6 in the face and calls him Drew.

With months to go before this saga ends, it's safe to say the matter is nowhere close to being settled.

Confusion regarding Jason and Andrew

Carly and Sonny had been supporting Patient 6 while Sam is standing by the man she is currently married to. Spoilers say that on Monday, everyone in the room will seem to agree with Jake Doe that he is indeed Jason and the man from Russia must be Andrew. Patient 6 is not going to argue, but will calmly take in everything that is being said. He is processing the situation and seeking a way to prove that he is Jason and not the other twin. Jordan will have to calm down Jake Doe, who is insisting that his brother has plotted to take over his life.

Patient 6 is happy that Sam finally has the family she always desires and he knows she loves the man she is living with.

He simply wants to sort out all the confusion without hurting her in the process. Jason/Jake is fuming because he believes an imposter is trying to steal his family. He is not very levelheaded and will probably resist some truths as time goes on. Carly and Sonny will not have to deal with the fact that they took sides without knowing all the facts.

Now that the twin has been revealed, they will have much to think about. They all will have to deal with the one man they hate -- which is Franco.

There must be a way to identify Jason and Andrew

Now that the fact there are twins has been established, the focus now will be on figuring out what happened to Drew. Dr. Klein had said that Patient 6 was shot and pulled out of the water which sounds like what took place with Jason.

Robin, however, came to town with Jake Doe, who she believed to be Jason and was being held by Helena Cassadine. Somewhere during the next eight months, there must be a timeline to establish how Jake ended up with the Cassadines and Patient 6 went to Russia. Stay tuned weekday afternoons on ABC at 2:00 PM for more episodes of "General Hospital."