Monday on "General Hospital" fear causes Franco to lie and destroy crucial evidence about the twins. When confronted by Jake Doe, Patient 6, Jordan, and Sam, Scott's son tells them only part of what he knows. Although his father implored him to come clean, the thought of losing Elizabeth is too much to deal with. Earlier Franco told his dad that he believes Liz still has feelings for the twin with Jason's original face. He believes if the identities of the two men are revealed he might lose her. This would only be true if Patient 6 ended up being Jason because Elizabeth has already gotten over Jake Doe.

This could be a hint that the man who was in the Russian clinic is the real Stone Cold.

Franco may have unwittingly revealed the truth

Franco's logic does not make sense because if Patient 6 is Jason he will want to reunite with Sam and Liz is long past her feelings for the man who is currently married to Sam. He would only have to be concerned if the man from Russia is Andrew, and Jake Doe/Jason and he stay with his wife. This would leave Andrew who has Jason's old face free for Elizabeth to explore her feelings for the man with that face. Franco may have unwittingly revealed the truth or it could simply be a smokescreen.

Jordan is now invested in this mystery along with Sonny and Carly who seem truly baffled.

On Monday they did admit that they still believe Patient 6 is the real Jason, even as Jake Doe is insisting that he is Sam's one true husband. As slick as Scott Baldwin is he was not even able to get the truth out of Franco who is truly frightened and does not desire the wrath of either of the men who are looking for answers.

Evidence that could solve the mystery is burned

When both Jasons, along with Sam and Jordan arrive at Elizabeth's, Franco divulges just enough not to seem like a liar. He tells the group that Dr. Andre Maddox is the one who gave him the death certificate which may or may not be fake. Franco knows that it is not real, just as he knows which man is Andrew, but he stops short of admitting it.

When everyone is gone he takes the evidence that Andre gave him and burns it in the fireplace.

Surely Franco realizes that eventually the truth will be revealed with or without his help. Sam has already suggested that both men work together considering they are brothers. Patient 6 remains open-minded, but Jake Doe is resistant and keeps insisting that his brother has an agenda. Perhaps he protests too much because deep down Carly and Sonny are correct. Maybe he knows that he is not the real Jason Morgan, or it could be he is certain that he is. Find out by watching "General Hospital" each weekday afternoon on ABC at 2:00 PM. so stay tuned