Game of ThronesSeason 8 is still over a year away, but this does not stop fans from scouring the net for possible spoilers. Details about the installment have been hush-hush. HBO has made it clear that they do not want a repeat of the leakage from season 7 to happen, so security on the production has been tight. So far, there have been minimal set photos and few details revealed to the public, which we have summed up below.

Dothraki huts

The first photo that emerged online, just a few days after the season 7 finale, was that of a hut. It was set up outside the show’s main studio in Belfast.

It was a small hut though there was supposedly a large one as well. These huts resemble those in season 1, where the Dothraki lived. It is unclear if they were moved to another location during filming. However, their presence hints at the whereabouts of the Dothraki in season 8. Given how these fearless men swore allegiance to Daenerys, it is likely that they will set up camp in the North as they await the great battle with the Night King and his army of White Walkers.

Mysterious construction

Photos of what appears to be a large castle construction in the Titanic Quarter in Belfast intrigued recently caught the attention of fans.

Its presence hinted at a possible massive action sequence in season 8. The wall is said to be a stand-in for the castle walls in Winterfell. Interestingly, a large trebuchet was also on the site. This could only mean two things—the siege engine could be for the Night King’s ice dragon or Cersei has upped her defense against Daenerys’ dragons.

The Night’s Watch

The fate of the Night’s Watch was left up in the air following that tragic season 7 finale. When Viserion tore The Wall down, no one knew whether anyone survived. Beric and Tormund were last seen trying to escape.

Thankfully, a fan shared photos of the cast arrivals in Belfast ahead of the production and two actors, who play members of the Night’s Watch, were spotted on the set. Kristofer Hivju and Ben Crompton, who plays Tormund and Lord Commander Eddison Tollett aka Dolorous Edd, respectively, were photographed together. This confirms that Tormund is alive in “Game of Thrones” season 8. However, there has been no word yet if Richard Dormer is returning, which leaves Beric’s fate unknown.

The Golden Company

The Golden Company is making their presence known in season 8.

The addition of “Vikings” actor Marc Rissman as Harry Strickland, confirms the arrival of these skilled sellswords from Essos in Kings Landing. Viewers may remember that Cersei ordered Euron Greyjoy to fetch them to replenish her dwindling army.

Jon Snow’s baby

Kit Harington seemingly hinted that Jon Snow impregnates Daenerys in season 8. A fan asked the actor about this possibility and he only gave a cheeky smile in response.

An epic end

Given that “Game of Thrones” season 8 is the last run of the series, fans should expect it to end with a bang. Take production sound mixer Daniel Crowley’s word for it. “Season 8 is going to be massive and I can’t wait to get started again,” he said, according to Fansided.

Likewise, the return of directors David Nutter (“The Red Wedding”) and Miguel Sapochnik (“The Battle of the Bastards”) tease at a grand end to the show. Fans should prepare for another massive battle sequence or an epic finale.