Leah Messer's fans and followers on Instagram have been absolutely brutal with her in the past and recently, they took aim at her for reportedly failing to properly install her children's car seats. Months after the "Teen Mom 2" star was seen allegedly texting while driving with her children in the backseat, she shared images of her children's car seats that came as a major concern to her audience online.

“I had to unfollow. You need to learn more about car seat safety!” one fan wrote to the longtime reality star and mother of three. Around the same time, Leah Messer seemingly attempted to defend herself against the woman and the many others who slammed her by saying she was doing her best and noting that her best was all that mattered.

Messer shares twins Ali and Aleeah, seven-years-old, with her first husband Corey Simms, and four-year-old Adalynn, with Jeremy Calvert, who she divorced in 2015.

Leah Messer has also faced claims of drug use

As her second marriage came to an end in late 2014, Leah Messer began facing allegations of drug use, which seemed to be evident on episodes of "Teen Mom 2." As fans will likely recall, Messer has been seen nearly nodding out on the show and during an episode years ago, she was spotted slurring her words as she attempted to speak to one of her children's doctors on the phone.

Leah Messer has also been targeted by her former husbands, Corey Simms and Jeremy Calvert, who were seen sitting down at a restaurant to discuss her "prescription pill problem," as Calvert stated.

During their chat, Simms and Calvert expressed their concern for their children and during another scene, Simms mentioned Messer's "drug problem" to his wife, Miranda.

Leah Messer is currently single

While the reality star has been linked to a number of men in the past, she doesn't appear to be dating at the moment. That said, she has been known to hide her romances in the past.

In fact, for several months, Leah Messer was believed to be dating and living with her former personal trainer, Theodore "T.R." Dues, but refused to speak of the relationship on-camera and didn't allow Dues to film any scenes alongside her.

To see more of Leah Messer, her kids, and her co-stars, including Jenelle Evans, Briana DeJesus, Chelsea Houska, and Kailyn Lowry, tune into new episodes of "Teen Mom 2" season eight on Monday nights at 9 p.m. on MTV. The second half of the reunion special airs next week.