Kenya Moore and Kenya, Africa highlight this episode. There is a big kerfuffle about Porsha and why she isn’t going to an 'rhoa' friend’s wedding. Nene Leakes was absent this week. Cynthia is dating again and we get to go along for a romantic evening-and photoshoot. Sheree Whitfield tries to heal her past. Kenya takes a walk to Cynthia’s lake house and tells her about the fairytale leading up to the secret beach wedding and why she is keeping her new husband on the down-low.

Cynthia is back on the market

Now that the divorce dust has settled "RHOA" Cynthia Bailey is ready to get back in the dating scene.

She is hung up on her age and everyone else’s age for that matter. This could be from her basking in the glow of the most egocentric 50th birthday party ever (where everyone dresses up like a photo you once had taken of yourself) in the previous episode. A milestone birthday can have age on the radar.

Viewers got to watch an over the top first date for Cynthia with a young W. Kamau Bell look alike. He had a photo shoot set up for her that she was escorted to with an oversized furry blindfold. He was careful not to spoil "RHOA" Cynthia’s hairdo du jour or her lashes. Good call Evan, or, “Norbit with swag”, as Miss Cynthia referred to him. After the shoot, they had a romantic dinner on a flower petal covered table, the end of which she decided he is much too young for her.

Daughter Noelle, the spitting image of her father Leon Robinson, got a breakdown of the date after which Noelle proclaimed it would be more socially acceptable for him to date her and not Cynthia. That’s some reality check from your teenager.

Over in Porsha’s world, she is tossing meat and excuses

Porsha Williams had decided (for now) to give up meat and go full-on vegan.

After a series of past "RHOA" clips of her eating chicken wings, steak, pork, and bacon, she gave up her fridge full of animal products and her "baconator" appliance.

The big scuttlebutt in the episode was around Porsha not going to a friend of the "RHOA" bride-to-be Shamea Morton’s wedding. The wedding would take place in Kenya, Africa, and the guests were required to dress in African garb.

Many guests thought it unthinkable not to attend. Porsha was being grilled by party guests at her table, including the bride who has a long time friendship with Porsha.

"RHOA" Kandi Burress was at the table with her one-woman peanut gallery assistant who had thinly veiled judgment over the plethora of excuses Porsha offered for not attending. It was uncomfortable to watch and appeared even more uncomfortable for Porsha.

Porsha claims she can’t go to the wedding because of any combination of:

  • She has low blood pressure and can’t fly coach.
  • She can’t afford first class (Really? You rolled up to the party in your Rolls Royce.)
  • Can’t be bothered.

Everyone at the table called B******t. Porsha Williams simply did not want to go and the table was rapidly discrediting her excuses so she abruptly left the party to avoid further ridicule.

Just as she got in her white Bentley, Shamea, with hurt feelings, followed her out for more calling out of being a bad friend. Porsha then announced she wanted a hands-off friendship with Shamea at the end of the episode. Stone cold.

Sheree digs up past ghosts

Sheree Whitfield shared her disturbing past in the episode. She was coming to terms with the domestic abuse suffered while she was married to Bob Whitfield. She has a life coach now, Jack Daniels, who we met mid-show. He is helping her move on from where she is at this time in her life. Coaching homework was to have a conversation to address the past domestic abuse with her children. She later calls for a pow-wow with a solid group of women to have them advise her how to talk to her three offspring about this issue.

They gather at "RHOA" Kandi Burress' guest house (Kandi isn’t about to have all these women in her real house). Sheree was still pained/embarrassed/ashamed to speak the details of it, understandably. She told the ladies it was verbal and physical fighting that occurred in the marriage with more to be revealed in next weeks’ episode. Ex-husband Bob Whitfield is a 6’5, 300-lb former footballer.

Who is Kenya married to?

Kenya Moore tells "RHOA" Cynthia how she met her husband while on Lake Cynthia – an introduction by Chef Roble. She was struggling with the media smack talking her marriage as a sham. Kenya's husband wants nothing to do with the show, social media or the press. Fair enough but is that realistic when you marry an "RHOA"?

Kenya is an actual housewife now not a single girl playing one on television. Considering how many marriages have ended after being part of housewives franchise this could be some seriously shaky ground. Sure, divorces are very common and perhaps it isn’t the show that breaks up marriages but they certainly don’t help. Good luck to you Kenya Moore, seriously. Safe to say most viewers want to see you happy with this man.