Fox Broadcasting Company and Armoza Formats have created a new Television Show called “The Four”. It will be premiering on January 4th which is close to the new year. The panel will be Meghan Trainor, Charlie Walk, Sean Diddy Combs, and Dj Khaled. Now that's a cast worth mentioning, and a very interesting group of people that are considered "music lords" that know a lot about music production. These guys know how to find the value of talented artists through performing and marketing according to the rules of the music business. Every single one of them is a musical genius in their own league.

I’m sure they can break out most artists to the world with ease.

The show will be premiering soon so make sure you tune in to it. It will be a high music competition series with some of the most talented artists around the nation. DJ Khaled was so excited about becoming one of the panelists he took to Instagram and Snapchat and created a series of videos that went viral expressing his happiness with joining the crew. It looks like the payout will be heavy.

Eligibility to join the competition

The new television show “The Four” was created by Armoza Format and produced by ITV entertainment in association with Armoza Format. According to Fox’s website, the show is looking for the final four contestants to sing in front of the world on national television.

The rules and eligibility requirements are quite simple. Audition tapes will be accepted from November and the submissions will be closed January. They also goon too say whether you are aspiring vocalists on the verge of success, or a lifelong singer who wants to get back in the game, or a local star in your hometown you should submit a video.

The Four” is asking for you to submit covers and original songs. Candidates must be sixteen years of age or older as of December 1, 2017. Submissions will be accepted until January 26, 2018, so follow the rules, and submit your music tapes at “the four music” main website.

The show should be very interesting

This television show sounds very interesting. Singing in front of the selected panel sounds like a challenge that’s gonna be tough to do. Hopefully, the panel will bring a lot of pressure to the contestants, showing who’s really the best singer. Also making the good singers great. Producers like Diddy and DJ Khaled can help improve the skills they already have. So will music executive Charlie Walk and singer Meghan Trainor. This show, “The Four” will also help single out the best four singers. I hope all the contestants can sing, and that the crew can find some new and great talent.