Arkansas played North Carolina in a semi-finals match at the Phil Knight Invitational basketball event called the PK80. The PK80 tournament is sponsored by state farm and televised on "ESPN". It is the first and largest basketball tournament celebrating Phil Knight the co-founder of Nike. It’s also his 80th birthday. Most of the games have been full of action presenting the best teams around the nation playing in two different brackets.

Bill Walton messed the game up with his irrelevant words

Bill Walton a famous UCLA alumni did full game commentary for two games during the tournament and it was absolutely hilarious.

Seems like he did everything except talk about the North Carolina and Arkansas game. Walton didn’t mention specific facts about the game at all and spoke vaguely about everything on air. Bill Walton literally destroyed the game with his NBA reference foolery during the college game. Every time a player did something half-way right, he would compare players to NBA stars like Klay Thompson, Lebron James, Larry Bird, and Magic Johnson.

Walton respectively gave different college players credit like Luke Maye and Kenny Williams during his commentating making a little sense. He was asking terrible questions continuously and rapidly. Walton defined the word swish saying, “swish is a person running by you really fast.” Where does this guy come up with his defining?

Most of the fans and viewers on Twitter were very critical of how Bill performed on ESPN. The way he was talking you would think he was high on drugs. He talked about traveling, and even his bicycle that got lost but didn’t mention too much about the game. Some fans were heated and wanted him to shut-up.

UNC gets the victory

North Carolina won the bracket game against Arkansas. Luke May scored 28 points and 16 rebounds reaching a career high.

His field goal percentage is at about 60 percent and that is astounding for a player that’s 6’8’’ and 230 pounds. He really played outstanding and looked like a man against boys on the court. Bill Walton had a lot of questions about his progression towards becoming a legend for the University of North Carolina.

UNC had full control of the game and didn’t commit unnecessary turnovers. Kenny Williams and Joel Berry II had awesome performances reaching the double figures. They are advancing to the finals to play the winners of the Michigan State and UConn. The Tar Heels are now 5-0 and currently undefeated. Every year they sustain a winning record and it will take a lot of skill and tenacity to beat them.