David Cassidy's prognosis is very grim. The former 70s teen idol and "Partridge Family" star was hospitalized on Thursday in a Florida Hospital in critical condition. TMZ reports that the "I Think I Love You" hitmaker is the ICU experiencing organ failure. Dr.'s have told the family at this time things are very grim and that the family should prepare themselves.

David Cassidy fighting for his life

Three days ago Cassidy was rushed to the hospital, and his condition has continued to worsen by the hour. Sources close to the Cassidy family situation have revealed to TMZ reporters that David's organs are shutting down and unless he receives a liver transplant very soon the singer will most likely not come out of it.

Cassidy reveals public battle with dementia

Besides David's liver damage, his kidneys are failing, all of his major organs have suffered major deterioration due to decades of Cassidy's hard drinking and drug use. We're told David has rushed to a Florida hospital three days ago and his condition continues to worsen since his admission. We're told he's suffering from organ failure, and unless he gets a liver immediately, the singer will likely die.Cassidy at this time is in a coma but is coming in and out of consciousness. The immediate family of the 67-year-old entertainer has been on hand all day taking turns going in and out of David's room to off him comfort.

The family source also stated to the media that David Cassidy has been in failing health for the past two months.

In February of 2017, fans in attendance of a live performance in Agoura, California were left shocked and very disturbed after witnessing the singer acting very strangely. It was first believed Cassidy was intoxicated. Fans watched on as the singer slurred his words, forgot the words to his own music, hit his face with the microphone, and fell backward off the stage.

The following month, David made a public appearance to announce to his fans, not only was he retiring from show business, but he was also suffering from a series illness, dementia. One that could explain a lot about his recent behaviors. David Cassidy announced he had bee diagnosed with dementia and the disease was becoming a huge problem with his music career.

Throughout David Cassidy's long career he made ten albums for "The Partridge Family," as well as more than eight solo albums and 24 singles. He’s sold more than 30 million records and was nominated for several Grammys. Our thoughts and well wishes are with David Cassidy and his family during this difficult and trying time.