The Atlanta Hawks and New York Knicks took to the court at the Madison Square Garden on Sunday (Dec. 10). Dennis Schroder pretty much led the charge for the Atlanta Hawks as their point guard. Taurean Prince Jr. pretty much owned Michael Beasley with a rebound dunk. A lot of bad plays and even worse calls happened during the first half. The game started off shaky, but went down to the wire.

Eastern Conference scouting

This is a big matchup within the East. The game ended up being very interesting to watch. The Atlanta Hawks are the 14th ranked team in the Eastern Conference as of right now, with one win over the Chicago Bulls (the worst team in the NBA).

The Knicks rank ninth in the Eastern Conference, right below the Philadelphia 76ers. Both teams have around 50-plus games to go before the season ends, so improving is a must.

The post duo for the New York Knicks

Enes Kanter and Kristaps Porzingis were pretty good as a unit playing the forward and center position together most of the game. They're doing it without Tim Hardaway Jr., making it even better to have Jarrett Jack as the star point guard. Kanter and Porzingis together scored 21 points in the first half and collected nine rebounds. I consider them an interesting duo with all the trades and changes this year the Knicks have experienced. Kanter and Porzingis create a presence in the post by playing great defense and getting most of the rebounds.

Kanter is susceptible to a lot of mistakes while playing with high emotions and also limping heavily during the games from a back and hip injury.

Kanter played with high intensity after being benched early in the third quarter and collecting four fouls in 13 minutes. New York gives him a ton of respect to play with numerous injuries.

Porzingis handled his business with some extraordinary dunks and pull-up shots, scoring 30 points to ensure the victory.

Jarratt Jack operated the offense for the Knicks

Jack had one of his best offensive games, scoring a career-high 19 points and making 7-of-10 shot attempts. He makes a few occasional turnovers, but he is a perfect fit being the point guard for the Knicks. It gives them that edge to create a win streak.

Jack has played for a load of teams in his career, but he looks comfortable with the Knicks.

Knicks pull away with the victory

The game started to break away once the Knicks started to work together and play exceptional defense. The Hawks tried in a last-minute spurt, bringing the game to 105-102, but a series of free throws put the Hawks away for a final score 111-107 in favor of the Knicks.