Thousands of people around the United States have found great sources of physical, emotional benefits from horse riding. When incorporated with therapy treatment it’s called “Equine therapy.” Horseback riding carries a number of benefits to help People With Disabilities. During the treatment, horses aren’t just used to ride, but the patient helps care for the horse, creating a sense of responsibility, gaining a certain amount of respect, putting the horses’ well-being before their own. “Equine Therapy” gives you a chance to work beside a certified riding instructor.

If you are a new rider, you will learn the right way to ride a horse. The Instructors have to go through an exam, covering riding theory, safety, laws and regulations regarding horses, and horse anatomy in order to become certified instructors. The rider is taught how to prepare and ride the horse properly. It’s quite a physical challenge, but your body will achieve more flexibility, core strength, and balance.

A large number of emotional blessings can be earned during equine therapy. Instructors have recorded self-confidence boost in special needs riders, and even attribute accumulated personal victory when riding. Woman and men can benefit from equine therapy especially kids that go through mental issues.

The enjoyment of riding horses can be exciting for someone with a disability. Giving them a chance to ride horses for a day could show them something new, and possibly add a valuable skill. Some families participate in horse riding once a week.

Horse Riding

While riding the horse, there are two side walkers that protect you from slipping or falling off the horse, with an additional horse leader who guides the way.

It takes a lot of practice and work to ride a horse full speed or for a long distance. Most likely you’ll start off slow until you progress. Equestrians ride horses daily and have high riding skills. Most equestrians witnessed on television present some of the best personalities along with positive vibes and humble attitudes.

Horse riding therapy should be fun and enjoyable to do especially with a family member or organization.

Equine Therapy helps with anxiety

When dealing with horses, you are able to look at yourself in a different way. Gaining trust with the horse you ride can benefit you a lot. Most people with disabilities struggle to make progress with regular treatment, and trying equine therapy leads to significant breakthroughs. Overcoming personal fears by facing a thousand pound horse could be the challenge for you. So you will have to get over certain fears and tolerate the process of their emotions.