The new DJ Khaled album "Grateful" is set to feature a "who's who" from the hip-hop music genre. Following on the heels of the success of his hit album "Major Key," DJ Khaled appears to have another potential smash release unlocked. Among the guests already confirmed for the album are Beyonce and Jay-Z, as well as recent news of appearances on tracks by Nas, Nicki Minaj, Drake, and Rihanna. Here's the latest on who's set to be a part of Khaled's "Grateful" album.

Khaled's featured artists

A hit single "Shining" was already released to pave the way for the next DJ Khaled album.

That song featured an upbeat track and lyrics from the reigning queen of pop R&B, Beyonce, along with a verse dropped by her rap star husband Jay-Z. However, the star power won't stop there, as with other Khaled releases.

Following on the success of one of the hot songs from "Major Key," Drake has dropped new lyrics for the next album. The rapper nicknamed Drizzy appeared on the hit song "For Free" on the last Khaled album and will be back again for more. It reportedly took Khaled some time to get the lyrics in, but they're secured as of this month.

In addition, a few females that have been linked to Drake in the past and present will appear on the album. Hip-hop star Nicki Minaj was on the song "Do You Mind" which also was a hit from "Major Key." She'll be part of the latest release, as will Rihanna, who appears to be a "major guest" for this newest album.

"Grateful" won't be short on hit rap stars at all. Other guests said to be making guest appearances will include Nas, Chance the Rapper, Future, Quavo from Migos, and Lil Wayne. In addition, two mega pop stars will be on board as both Justin Bieber and Mariah Carey have roles on the album.

When is the 'Grateful' release date?

DJ Khaled's last album, "Major Key," was his most successful release to date, hitting the No. 1 spot on the charts. Prior to that, the best Khaled had done was No. 4 with "Kiss the Ring" in 2012 and No. 5 with "We the Best Forever" in 2011.

So when will this new album from Khaled called "Grateful" be released?

That still appears to be an unknown. However, looking at the previous four releases from the hip-hop producer, they usually were released between July and October. DJ Khaled may look to capitalize on the summer with this brand new heatwave of tracks, so July or August doesn't seem out of the question.

Of course, hip-hop music fans would love to have that album now, but good things come to those who wait. That might even be a "Major Key."