Dragon Ball Super” returned this week with a battle between the Saiyans from universes 6 and 7. Kale and Caulifla fought side by side in an attempt to defeat Son Goku, but all of us know that our hero is someone not to be trifled with. Yet it would seem that yet another Universe may be in danger of being annihilated. At least this is what we imply from the titles of the next episodes recently published by Animage. There were no further details given on the matter, but some fans are already speculating about which of the remaining Universes will be the next one to be deleted.

Another Universe in danger

Reddit user Terez27 shared a bunch of titles that correspond to the next episodes of the series, and one of them is frustrating fans as it implies the elimination of another universe. “Speeding up the drama: Another Universe disappears!” is Episode 118’s title and it seemingly implies something obvious; another universe will be erased by Zen-oh. Universe 7 is the one with the highest amount of warriors in the arena, and they stand among the strongest of all.

Which Universe will suffer annihilation next?

We know for sure that it will not be the case of Universe 7 (unless something really unfortunate happens in the next episodes). Also, the main character of the franchise must still show us more about his new transformation - the Ultra-Instinct – once his rematch against Jiren the Grey takes its course.

So far universes 2, 3, and 6 could be the ones in danger.

Universe 2 still has five contenders left, including the magic warrior Ribrianne, who wishes to win the tournament in the name of love. Yet in the titles for the next episodes, it is implied that the whole team will gather up in an attempt to eliminate Goku from the contest.

Androids 17 and 18 will show up to save the day. If their plan fails, this universe will surely be the next to be erased.

Regarding Universe 3, they still have six contenders able to fight, but all of them, including the super police Katpesra, could endanger themselves for attacking Frieza. It has been obvious that they have been underestimating the former Emperor of Universe 7, which could be a fatal mistake for all of them.

Knowing how cunning and merciless Frieza is, without any doubt, there is a high chance that Universe 3 could be the next one to be erased. In addition to this, we have also seen 3 robots from this Universe charging towards Goku recently, which is another reason to fear for Universe 3’s survival.

Universe 6 is another one in danger of being erased, even though Kale and Caulifla managed to merge into one extremely powerful warrior. After the eliminations of Hit and Cabba, Universe 6 still has four warriors: The Namekians Saoneru and Pilina, and the Saiyans Kale and Caulifla. But after the use of the Potala earrings and the subsequent fusion between the two girls, Universe 3 will be left with only three contenders.

Kefura, as the new resultant warrior was named, will face Son Goku, and though she may be incredibly strong, she will battle against the face of the franchise. This is reason enough to believe that Universe 6 is also in danger of being destroyed.