If you get caught with the dubbing in English of "Dragon Ball Super," you will know that the saga "Universe 6" is about to come to an end. Episode 40 of the anime ended with Champa and his team losing their games with Universe 7, but Universe 6 was saved from punishment when a new face appeared. And, thanks to a new clip, fans know that the unknown of the franchise is more powerful so far.


On Twitter, Funimation folks shared a preview of episode 41 of "Dragon Ball Super." The recording presents Zeno, an extraterrestrial of a pint with a rather childish voice.

The blue and purple deity may seem unconcerned, but the fanatics should not be fooled. Zeno is the ruler of the complete multiverse of the franchise, and he is the most powerful character that has been presented.

Then, I'm sorry Goku. "He's small, adorable! And he can end whole universes with a giggle!" Funimation said it was their claim. "King of all creation, Zeno finally makes his appearance on Tonight's new DBSuper dub in Toonami, but we're giving you an advance of his ultra-tender voice, provided by Sarah Wiedenheft!"

Multiverse Tournament

The clip, which can be seen above, shows Beerus reacting to the arrival of the Omni-King.

The God of Destruction is horrified to see his teacher, and Champa reacts in a similar way. They rush to greet Zeno, bowing over ninety degrees to the Omni King while being scolded. Both Whis and Vados enjoy scolding their pupils at the Omni-King, and it seems as if Zeno thinks about erasing them for a moment. However, the almighty god simply thanks the duo for inspiring him to hold a multiverse tournament, and Goku cannot help but scream with excitement when he hears the god's plan.

"Dragon Ball Super" will have much more to say about Zeno as it progresses, but anyone who encounters the anime as a whole knows how powerful the fighter is. Zeno may be cute, but the Omni-King has the power to erase entire universes with a click. The deity once erased 6 universes after throwing a tantrum, and his childish attitude makes him a truly dangerous opponent.

Zeno does not realize when he has taken something very far, but his immaturity works well with Goku's simple personality. They both become friends as the anime progresses, but that does not mean that the Omni-King will not hit the Saiyan if the hero gets out of line.

The next episode of “Dragon Ball Super” is scheduled to air on November 19. It will feature the continuation of the fight between Ultra-Instinct Goku and the powerful Kefla.

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