FOX’s new Marvel television series has unraveled another mystery as revelations pile up one after another. The Sentinel Services is finally going to use mutants to hunt other mutants, especially the Strucker siblings, Andy and Lauren. Their father, Reed, finally unveils the connection between his children and the Strucker twins, who were teased in the earlier episode ofThe Gifted.”

The earlier episodes of "The Gifted" introduced a researcher named Dr. Roderick Campbell, and it was revealed that he was highly interested in the high school gym incident that Andy and Lauren were involved in.

Along with his introduction, a newspaper clipping teased the possible link between the siblings and a pair of powerful mutant twins of the same surname.

The Strucker connection

The new preview of “The Gifted” Episode 8 finally revealed the connection between the Strucker siblings and the Strucker twins that were mentioned in the headlines of an old newspaper clipping. Apparently, the mutant Strucker twins launched a terrorist attack back in the 1960s. The recent episode of the Marvel series mentioned the Trask Industries, and Reed revealed that his father used to work in the now shut-down facility.

In order to save his mutant children from the Sentinel Services, Reed paid his father a visit. Otto Strucker, who is portrayed by guest star Raymond J.

Berry, confirmed that Andy and Lauren inherited their powers from their great-grandfather and great-grandmother named Andreas and Andrea Von Strucker.

Classic X-Men villains confirmed

With the origins of Andy and Lauren’s powers finally explained, a lot of other questions were answered. First, this confirms that Dr. Campbell is indeed after the powers of the Strucker siblings.

It was put into light in the latest episode of “The Gifted” that Dr. Campbell has been selecting mutants based on their powers to control them and deploy them as weapons.

Second, with Andreas and Andrea finally, in the picture, the new Marvel series confirmed its connection to some of the biggest villains in the X-Men lore.

In the comics, the Strucker twins were villains called Fenris, and they were the children of the terrorist organization HYDRA leader Baron Wolfgang von Strucker, who was another villain.

The twins are portrayed by actors Paul Cooper and Caitlin Mehner in the new FOX show. Though the show has yet to affirm Baron Wolfgang’s participation in its story, it has already teased that the Strucker twins’ powers were strong enough to create havoc.

Now that Andy and Lauren have inherited them, they’re in grave danger. In the preview of “The Gifted” Episode 8, Grandpa Otto warned Reed to protect his children and to protect the world from them. Now, it's up to Reed and the rest of the mature mutants to mold Andy and Lauren into mutants that won’t be a threat to both humankind and mutants.