Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth recently came back to social media after a long hiatus, apologizing for being absent for so long. The mom-to-be claims that she has been way too busy to be on social media, which some critics of the Duggar family think is odd given the fact that they broadcast most of their lives on social media. However, it has been confirmed that the family members are not allowed to be on social media until they enter a courtship, and at which time, the husband can decide how active they want their wife to be on social platforms. It is unclear how this works for the male Duggars, as Joe Duggar, who recently tied the knot, isn't on social media himself.

While Joy-Anna and her husband Austin are busy building their house from the ground up, some think the pair are hiding something, hence their social media silence.

What is Joy-Anna hiding?

Rumors have swirled since Joy-Anna and Austin announced they were expecting at the end of August. When Joy-Anna debuted her baby bump, many thought it looked much bigger than that of a woman who was only three months pregnant. While the Duggar Family is very strict about ensuring that couples don't have sex, or even much physical contact before marriage, many were convinced Joy-Anna was pregnant when she and Austin tied the knot. It is also speculated that this is the case because the pair stated that they would marry in October, but then walked down the aisle five months early.

Many think Joy-Anna has taken a break from social media so that she won't show how big her baby bump actually is, especially if she did get pregnant before marriage and is much bigger than she "should" be for how far along she claims she is.

Is she posting old photos?

One theory is that Joy-Anna is much further along than she claims and has been posting old photos of herself and her baby bump to throw people off.

She has also not appeared in any recent Duggar family videos or pictures, which leads many to believe that she is attempting to conceal the fact that she was pregnant before she married. The mom-to-be is supposedly due in late February or early March of 2018, if they did, in fact, conceive on their wedding night. Fans are anxiously awaiting the new baby's arrival, though the pair have not announced the sex, nor have they discussed any names they may be considering for their little one. Some speculate that the Duggar family will attempt to pass the baby off as premature if he or she is born before the calculated due date.