Adam Lind, Chelsea Houska's ex, is no stranger to jail, and it looks like he's competing with cast member Jenelle Evans over who can get arrested the most. The Ashley reported that the father of two was arrested for domestic assault near Lincoln County in South Dakota. The Reality TV star has been arrested nearly 30 times, mostly for charges related to reckless driving and drugs. He has also been in legal trouble in the past for refusing to pay child support for his daughters, Aubree and Paislee, and at one point it was reported that he was almost $11,000 behind in payments to the mothers of his children combined.

Adam's most recent arrest

According to The Ashley, Adam was arrested for "four counts against him, including attempting to cause bodily harm, recklessly attempting to cause bodily harm, attempting to cause imminent bodily harm, and one count of intentionally causing bodily harm." While he is now out on bond, Chelsea Houska's ex will appear in court on December 21 to answer to the charges. Reports have not specified whom the domestic violence was directed toward, but it is likely one of his romantic partners. Due to Adam's laundry list of offenses, he is not allowed to see either of his daughters without supervised visitation, and at one point, it looked as though he may not be able to see his youngest daughter, Paislee, at all due to his unpredictable behavior.

The mothers of his children are wary around him

Adam has two children with two different women. His oldest daughter, Aubree, is with "Teen Mom 2" star Chelsea Houska and his youngest is with a woman named Taylor Halbur. Chelsea and Taylor were in competition at one point, but have now come together to take Adam to task when it comes to his responsibilities.

It was revealed on "Teen Mom 2" that Taylor and Chelsea became concerned about Adam's behavior and had him tested for drugs. It was revealed that he tested positive for meth.

As a result, Chelsea, who had already had supervised visits with their daughter in place, made it mandatory for another party to be present when Aubree went to visit her father, Adam.

For the most part, Aubree's grandparents were around to ensure the safety of their granddaughter. However, on "Teen Mom 2," Chelsea expressed nervousness that Adam might be doing drugs around their daughter, something that really unnerved her. There has been no word on whether Adam has violated any protocol when with Aubree.