The Fans of "Counting On" have noticed that Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth hasn't been on social networks much lately and they are worried about her. Joy is pregnant with her first child right now and The Hollywood Gossip shared that she is talking about why she hasn't been on there and updating fans lately.

What is going on with Joy-Anna?

It has been over a month since Joy posted on social media and the fans were concerned. They wondered why she isn't showing cute baby bump pictures like her sisters did during their pregnancy. One thing is that Joy is dealing with her first pregnancy, which of course, is never easy.

Joy actually went to the family website to share what is going on with her. She posted saying, "I’m sorry I haven’t really been that active. My life has become busy lately, but I shall try and post more often." She didn't go on to elaborate on what is keeping her so busy. Fans know that Joy and Austin were flipping their own house to live in and of course, now she has to get a room ready for a baby.

Fans want more details

The fans want more details about what is going on with Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth because other than the family nobody seems to have seen her in months. Joy hasn't been seen out and it turns out that this could mean that she is really sick or having a hard pregnancy. A source did share that they are working on their house and that Joy has just been busy.

It sounds like that really could be all that is going on and if there is more than they don't plan on telling anyone about it.

The fans would love to see updates from Joy and Austin on the house and they aren't sharing those either. Maybe they are waiting until the end or it is being filmed, but as of right now, there isn't even a confirmation that another season of "Counting On" will be coming.

The fans would be sad if this was the end of the show and the updates don't keep coming from the couple either.

The Duggars aren't allowed to have social networks until they are courting and so Joy might not be used to being on social networks yet. It takes a bit of time to remember that you need to update fans and that they are speculating every single time you don't post.

Why do you think that Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth hasn't been on social networks much lately? Do you feel like she just isn't used to social networks? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts. As of right now, a new season of "Counting On" hasn't been confirmed and fans are hoping it will be back for more.