Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth is the latest in the line of Duggar girls to get married and announce a pregnancy almost immediately after her wedding. For the Duggar family, there are strict rules surrounding dating and what is allowed and what isn't when it comes to physical intimacy. In fact, the family doesn't date at all, but instead "courts," which is synonymous with getting-to-know-your-partner with the intention of getting married. Before marriage, it is unacceptable to kiss or hug from the front, and couples may only hold hands once they are engaged.

However, Joy-Anna Duggar recently announced her pregnancy, and many suspect the Duggar sister is further along than she is letting on. While the family is, of course, maintaining that she and her husband Austin conceived the child on their honeymoon, her larger stomach tells a different story, which has many speculating that the pair broke some serious courting rules.

Evidence that Joy-Anna was pregnant before her wedding

A doctor quoted in Radar Online said that he believes that Joy-Anna could easily be four to five months pregnant instead of three.

Other evidence that the Duggar sister might have been pregnant at her wedding includes the wedding date itself. She and Austin announced an October wedding when they initially got engaged.

Strangely, the pair tied the knot on May 26 and the wedding was not made public. Many people suspect that the couple moved up the wedding to cover up the fact that Joy-Anna was already carrying their baby. The autumn theme of the wedding also seemed a bit out of place for a May ceremony. However, the Duggar clan has yet to make a statement regarding whether or not this is the case.

Austin's family responds to rumors

While the Duggar family has yet to issue a statement, Austin Forsyth's family has made one to Radar Online. According to Joy-Anna's in-laws, the rumors aren't true at all.

"I’ve heard those rumors, but they’re not true. People are too nosy," said Robert, Austin's brother-in-law.

He added that he was incredibly excited about the new baby.

Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth have previously admitted to breaking some of the strict courting rules during their time as an unmarried couple. Even so, they haven't owned up to breaking the biggest one: Sex before marriage. They did, however, accidentally give each other a front hug once, which meant that they broke one of their own rules.