Joy-Ann Duggar is now officially a married woman. The 19-year-old officially wed Austin Forsyth five months earlier than their original October 28th wedding date.

Duggar baby speculation on the rise following Joy-Anna and Austin's bumped up wedding date

Now fans of the Duggar Family are wondering why the rush? Joy-Anna, 19, and Austin, 22, married on May 26th in Arkansas according to a report from HL. Just last month on Mother's Day Joy-Anna spoke out on video revealing how very anxious she was to become a mother. Now, looking back on that video, it is wondered if Duggar was throwing fans hints about some potentially exciting upcoming news.

Did Joy-Anna drop some subtle hints on Mother's Day?

“I’m so thankful for you, mama,” Joy-Anna gushed in her family’s special video to mom Michelle Duggar. “And even more recently, just helping with all the wedding planning and helping me just not get stressed out about all that.” Then, while holding on to Austin’s arm, she said with a huge smile, “I can’t wait to be a mother myself.”

The new bride and groom got engaged in March of this year. However, Joy-Anna and Austin's wedding news is not the only happy event of the day for the Duggar family.

Joy-Anna Duggar's brother Joseph just so happened to propose to his girlfriend, Kendra Caldwell on the very same day. What a huge day for the Duggar family with so much to celebrate.

All of this will be shared with fans when TLC's "Counting On" returns for a new season on June 12.

Do you think it was a bit selfish of Joy-Anna's brother Joseph to choose to propose to his girlfriend (now fiance) Kendra on her big wedding day even though Joy-Anna said she was cool with it?

Duggar parents Michelle and Jim Bob did not seem to mind and posted a happy family message sharing their news.

Seemingly very happy for their son, they bragged about how much love has surrounded their family lately and that they are looking forward to another family wedding in the near future.

What are your thoughts on all of the latest Duggar family news? Do you believe Joy-Anna Duggar and new husband Austin Forsyth may be keeping a big secret from fans?

If so, they won't be able to hide it forever, and you can rest assured that the fans hoping for a new Duggar addition will be on a high alert in terms of Duggar baby bump watch for the next few months.

With this latest news, however, it's clear that the Duggars are going to continue to be a very busy family in 2017.