Catelynn Lowell of "Teen Mom OG" has never made it a secret that she wants to have another baby in the future. Her husband, Tyler, has hinted, on the show, that he wants an entire football team of kids, but Cate isn't as sure on that front. The mom-of-two suffered heavily from postpartum depression after giving birth to her daughter, Nova, and it got so bad that she and Tyler nearly called it quits on their decade-long relationship. Catelynn does want more children just like her husband, but the "Teen Mom" star has said that the suffering she went through after Nova's birth has made it really difficult for her to decide on when to have a baby.

She'll have a plan in place

Rumors once circulated that she and Tyler were expecting when they weren't. Catelynn was heavily criticized for posting a photo on social media of an ultrasound with a picture of a Snapchat logo inside of it, saying it was disrespectful to women who can't get pregnant. She, however, made it clear that it was only her intention to troll the people who said they "knew for sure" that she was having a baby and the "insider tipsters" who had told the media she was expecting.

However, Cate has said she wants nothing in the world more than to get pregnant in the future and hopes that she will be able to. She is very scared of the depression coming back in full-force, but she says she has a plan in place and has spoken to her friends and family about what they will need to do for her to ensure that things go smoothly this time around.

Tyler reveals "big baby news"

No, Cate and Tyler aren't expecting yet, but Tyler let on that he was looking forward to revealing baby news soon. When asked if the pair were expecting, he said, "Hopefully soon," complete with smiley face emoji.

Tyler has made it known that he hopes the next time the pair have a baby, it will be a boy.

He and Catelynn have two girls, the first one, Carly, was adopted to another family when the pair were teenagers. Due to the fact that both of their parents suffer from drug addiction, Cate and Tyler thought it would be better to give their child a home with someone who could provide stability. While the adoption was once initially an open one where they met with Carly every year or so, the pair has stated they haven't seen their daughter in a number of years now. This is, in part, because Tyler continues to post about her on social media, despite her parents' wishes that she remain out of the spotlight.