"Days of Our Lives" spoilers reveal that Gabi Hernandez may be getting set up for yet another heartbreak. As many "DOOL" fans know, Gabi has been very unlucky in love during her time in Salem, and it seems that she may continue her streak. Currently, Gabi is dating handsome police officer, Eli. However, someone may cause trouble for the budding romance, and Gabi could end up a loser in love yet again.

Gabi can't seem to catch a break

According to the latest "Days of Our Lives" spoilers and news, Gabi's heartbreak could be linked to the shooting of Theo Carver.

As many viewers will remember, JJ Deveraux shot and wounded Theo after believing that he was an armed and dangerous criminal who was fleeing the scene of a crime. However, his victim was sadly revealed to be Theo, who will forever be changed by the bullet he took. To make matters worse, JJ is dating Theo's older sister, Lani, and things aren't looking good for the couple. "DOOL" spoilers reveal that Lani will end the relationship with JJ after all the drama, and she'll turn to Eli for comfort. Lani and Eli had a bit of a fling in the past, so they definitely have chemistry together.

Lani, to ruin another one of Gabi's relationships?

Sadly, this could spell trouble for Gabi, who has already lost one relationship thanks to Lani.

As many "Days of our Lives" spoilers may remember, Gabi and JJ were in a very serious relationship when JJ left town in hopes of finding information on his sister, Abigail, whom he believed to be dead at the time. JJ admitted to Gabi that he had too much to drink and cheated on her with another woman. Later, it was revealed that woman was Lani.

Lani returned to Salem, and she and JJ began a serious relationship of their own. Gabi then moved on to Chad, who broke her heart not once, but twice, and is now trying to pick up the pieces with Eli.

Lani gets life-changing news

Things will get even more dramatic in the coming episodes as "Days Of Our Lives" viewers watch Lani get some life-changing news.

Lani will find out that she is pregnant, and now "DOOL" fans are wondering if she will have a question about who the father of her unborn child is. If Lani and Eli get intimate, there is a chance that she may not know if JJ or Eli is the father. If this happens, Gabi's heart may be even more broken. In addition, if Lani and Eli end up together, many fans are hoping that Gabi and JJ will also reconnect as they were always a favorite couple among fans who watch the NBC soap opera.