Corey Haim's mom Judy is on "The Dr. Oz Show" today speaking out about the allegations that Corey Haim was raped by Charlie Sheen at the age of 13. She started out saying it was totally out of character to even think her son would sleep with someone at that age. She went on to say that this guy Dominick Brascia is the one who actually abused her son as a child.

Judy Haim admits more about the abuser

She says that Corey Feldman lived in LA and knew everyone and they met on "The Lost Boys." She shared that Dominick moved next door to her and the boys used to go over there.

The had a pool table and they would watch television with him. She says that Corey called her saying that Dominick wouldn't get off of him and that he was fully dressed at the time. She says she took a pool cue and told him to get off her son or else.

Judy said that her son was assaulted once and it was at Dominick's house, but he was not raped. She wouldn't say it on camera, though. She instead whispered it to Dr. Oz. She said they had a "form of sex" and it was "not rape." Whatever it was was illegal to do to a minor.

Judy isn't a Corey Feldman fan

She said that ten years later Corey Feldman did the movie "Busted" and they ran into him on the set. She says that Feldman told him that he thought he might like it and they had an argument.

She went on to say that Corey was hanging out with Feldman all the time and he was doing coke and then her son tried it as well.

They showed a clip from "The Two Coreys" where they talked about it all and Corey Feldman said he was molested as well. Judy says her son didn't want everyone to think that he was gay.

She wants her son Corey Haim to be remembered for his amazing talents and wants him to be able to RIP.

Corey died at the age of 38, but this huge story is coming out now and with all of the Harvey Weinstein accusations more is continuing to come out. Judy admits if she had it all to do over again then she wouldn't have let him go to Hollywood, but she can't change the path they took.

They did reach out to Dominick Brascia, but he didn't respond to them.

They will be talking to Corey Feldman on Monday all about it and he is going to name another abuser on the show. This should be a pretty interesting episode of the show and you don't want to miss what Corey Feldman has to say.

Do you believe what Judy Haim had to say about what happened to her son Corey Haim? Do you feel like Charlie Sheen really never did anything to him? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts.