On Friday's episode of "The Young and the Restless" Abby's world came crashing down just when she thought she was rising to the top. The youngest Abbott sibling believed her father was having a celebration to announce that he was proud of her dating app and was giving her a promotion.

Instead, praise for her project was simply the preview before the main attraction, which was Victoria being named Newman COO. Once again Victor treated his baby girl as a non-entity and now may have set the stage for Zack to do her harm. Crystal showed up at the gala and announced that the dating app was a front for the prostitution ring and Zack too off with Abby in tow.

Sibling rivalry increases between Victoria and Abby

Abby feels so insecure because she grew up believing Brad Carlton was her biological father only to be told, later in life, that Victor Newman is her dad. Now she is reeling from the news that John Abbott is not Ashley's biological father so she is not truly an Abbott. She has been trying to prove herself to her father at Newman Enterprises but sibling rivalry with Victoria keeps getting in the way.

Abby thought the Design Date app that was put together by Zack would propel her to executive privileges at Newman, but instead, Victoria has been promoted as Victor's right-hand person and her younger sister is left wondering what went wrong. No matter how hard she tries, Ashley's daughter always falls short and this time she has made a pretty big mistake by trusting Zack.

Crystal set things in motion and Abby's life may be in danger

Crystal showed up at Victor's event with Scott, Sharon, and Tessa by her side. She went to the microphone and announced that Zack is using Design App as a front for his prostitution ring and she admitted that she worked for him. While everyone stands around in shock, a stunned Abby goes off with her beau.

She has been so consumed with proving to her father that she can be a better executive than Victoria, that she ha missed all the warning signs.

Abby has also been envious of Scott and ignored everything he has been saying about her business partner. Now she is on the run with the man who had Natalia killed and drugged Mr. Granger.

Victoria had her company saved by their father, but Abby's situation is an embarrassment to the company that Victor has spent his life building. Stay tuned weekday afternoons on CBS at 12:30 PM for more episodes of "The Young and the Restless."