Cult leader and mass murder Charles manson died at the age of 83 on November 19. Manson had been imprisoned behind bars since 1969, close to five decades, being denied parole 12 times throughout that time, according to CNN. Manson's cause of death has been listed as natural causes, bringing to an end one of the evilest and despised men on Earth.

Charles Manson alleged adopted son to carry on Manson mission?

Or so it is hoped? Has Charles Manson's terror really finally ended? Manson is said to have vowed his revenge numerous times throughout the years.

Never shy about babbling on about his devious plots to any and all who would listen, according to Radar Online, the cult leader claimed to have had his revenge all mapped out to be carried on from the grave.

Manson's last requests

First off, the jailed killer has verbally stated for decades that he plans to carry out his mission whether it be behind bars or from the grave. He continues to have a large group of followers who are set to do his bidding. As previously reported, in January 2016, Manson was rushed to the hospital while experiencing heart issues. It was believed that Manson's time was near.

Things appeared grim for the killer. His adopted son, Matthew Roberts, 48, rushed to a Bakersfield, California hospital to be by his father's side after he was contacted by his fiance Afton "Star" Burton.

The frightening part of this story is that Charles asked Matthew to carry on his missions after he is gone. Matthew allegedly promised to do so.

Robert's claims he has every intention to continue his dad's mission by "promoting" his messages. According to Radar Online, reports up until his recent illness had Manson seeking his revenge through voodoo, making dolls, and potions.

It is alleged that before his death, Manson had been attempting to concoct a voodoo potion that would "turn himself into a zombie." One final plan Charles Manson had before meeting his death...he wanted to have a child, a son with fiance Star.

However, a prison insider, according to Radar Online, claims that no one in the Manson Family will ever have access to any of Charles Manson's DNA.

As for what happens next for Charles Manson's remains...according to TMZ, his body remains at Corcoran State Prison. His prison files reveal no next of kin and no written final wishes for his burial.

As per California state law, if no next of kin or legal representatives for the Manson family contact the prison within an appropriate allotted time, it will be left up to the Corcoran Prison officials as to whether Charles Manson's body will be buried or cremated.