On Monday's episode of "General Hospital" the Quartermaine family were preparing for a battle in the boardroom and in regard to Thanksgiving. Monica was overjoyed when Patient6/Jason showed up at the mansion, but his presence caused cousin Ned's defenses to go up. Like his mother Traci, Edward Quartermaine the II is always thinking ahead on ways to protect ELQ. He is ready to fight even though no one at this time is opposing him. Olivia argued with her husband's aunt regarding preparation for the upcoming holiday and is determined to change the way the Q's celebrate turkey day.

Oliva is replacing Traci in Monica's life

Oliva keeps trying to insert her methods into the Q mansion so she can feel at home, but Monica fights her at every turn.It appears that Ned's wife is replacing his mother as Monica's sparring partner. Olivia made paper hats shaped like turkeys for everyone to wear during Thanksgiving dinner but her husband's aunt was not in agreement.

Monica also announced that she was going on vacation and would not be eating the holiday meal with the family which further troubled her niece in law. More than likely something will happen, and Alan's widow will have to remain in Port Charles, and as in years past, there will be a disaster that causes the Quartermaine family to have Pizza for their holiday meal.

Ned plans to deal with Michael and the two Jasons

After Michael and Jason left the house, Olivia asked Ned if his nephew was in over his head at ELQ and suggested it was time her spouse took control. This has Ned's wheels turning, and viewers could see he agrees with his wife. Interestingly this is exactly the type of thing that Traci would have suggested in order to get control of the family business.

Ned confided in his wife that he believes Patient 6 is indeed Jason, but because the twin is now in the picture it changes the dynamic of his grandfather's will.

Ned realizes that all the shares of ELQ must now be redistributed to include the twin. He is not so much worried about Jason being a problem but tells Olivia that Andrew is going to fight to hold onto everything he believes is his.

It's clear that he is thinking of a way to deal with both of Monica's sons as well as her grandson. Stay tuned to "General Hospital" weekday afternoons at 2:00 on ABC, because it looks light the fighting spirit is back within the Quartermaine clan. Things are about to heat up in the house and also in the family business.