Charles Manson's health status may be a little more serious than orginally revealed. According to new reports, the 82-year-old is in very serious condition and is set to undergo surgery for a heart-related medical issue in a California hospital.

Matthew Roberts, alleged son of Charles Manson reveals he loves his father to Radar Online

New information reveals that Manson's alleged son, Matthew Roberts, 48, rushed to a Bakersfield, California hospital to be by his "father's" beside to tell him he loves him one last time in case Manson fails to survive.

As previously reported, Charles Manson was released from California's Corcoran State Prison where he has been incarcerated since 1971 after taking ill on Tuesday, January 3rd. Manson's son Matthew stated he was made aware of his father's condition by his fiance Afton "Star" Burton. Burton contacted Roberts, telling him that Charles was seriously ill and needed surgery.

"I want to get up there in person and see what's going on. This could be it, that's my greatest fear. If he's on his deathbed I would like to tell him I love him. Because I do. Everybody has a unique and special sort of love for their progenitors even if they are different or disturbed or monsters."

Charles Manson's 'son' ready to carry on Manson's mission?

Roberts, who works as a musician, revealed a few years back that he was adopted as a very young boy and only learned who his biological father was after making contact with his birth mother.

One major scary detail here. Matthew Roberts claims that should his father, cult leader and murderer Charles Manson ask him on his deathbed to continue his work, he would, without a problem.

Robert's says he would continue his dad's mission by "promoting" his messages...however, they would only be the messages that he agrees with, such as a "non-violent revolution of consciousness" and the "evolution of the human spirit." Charles Manson's son claims that should his dad die, at this time he has no idea who would have control over his estate, but believes from what he has been told it is very valuable.

It is more than clear that Matthew Roberts believes he shares some connection to Manson and began writing letters to him back in 2002. The alleged father and son even planned a face-to-face meeting in 2010, but Manson called it off because he believed his mail was being intercepted by people who were attempting to frame him for a crime.

Matthew Roberts does share an uncanny and eerie resemblence to Manson, but his alleged blood connection to Manson has been discredited by many because Roberts' DNA does not match the DNA of Jason Freeman, Manson's grandson. While it has been speculated that Manson is responsible for fathering more than a dozen children, it has been reported to-date that only three have been proven as his biological children.