The spoilers are out about if Molly and Luis of "90 Day Fiance" stay together or not. So far, this couple seems to be doing great. He is having a little bit of trouble with Molly's youngest daughter telling him that he isn't her dad and the older daughter just doesn't seem interested in getting to know him better at all. This is hard on any couple, but they seem to have been able to work through it.

Did these two tie the knot?

The fans have been wondering if Molly and Luis end up getting married and the spoilers are out. They do end up tying the knot.

The court records were found and they got married back in July. The records show that on July 20, 2017, Molly and Luis got married. That means they have been married for about four months now and the couple seems to be doing great. He has been in trouble with the law a couple of times, but it doesn't sound like it was any big deal.

Luis made the trip to the United States in May. So it looks like they are happy together and got married. The fans are really glad to hear that this couple is doing so well. Sometimes couples from the show "90 Day Fiance" never even get married.

It is nice to see that Molly and Luis were able to end up married and that the K1-Visa process worked for them. When you have only 90 days to decide if you want to get married or not, that makes it a bit hard.

Lucky for this couple it worked out and they are going to get their happily ever after.

Details about her youngest daughter's father

Starcasm was able to find out a ton of details on the father of Molly's youngest daughter. She split from Kensley's father back in October of 2014. So these two haven't been together for a while and have just been moving on.

Molly does have full custody of her daughter and she used to get child support, but as of last year, he hasn't been paying her all the time it sounds like.

It is really unknown if he is still in Kensley's life or not, though. She made it pretty obvious to Luis that she has a dad and doesn't need him to be her dad. That had to hurt his feelings a bit, but it is going to take time for them to work through all of their issues.

They will eventually be able to get along and it will all work out more than likely. It takes time when a new man just moves into your home.

Are you excited to hear that Molly and Luis end up making it? Do you feel like these two are a great couple? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "90 Day Fiance" when they air on TLC on Sunday nights.