Last night on a new episode of "90 Day Fiance," Nicole made it sound like she may have cheated on her fiance Azan more than once. These two are on the show for a second time because they still aren't married. The Hollywood Gossip shared about what went down and why fans think she might have cheated on him again.

Nicole and Azan's story

This season on "90 Day Fiance" Nicole is staying with Azan and his family along with her daughter May. She finally got her dad to agree to sponsor him so that he can come to the United States. They will decide after their time together if he is moving to the United States and if they will go through with the K1-Visa process.

They have had a few issues with the fact that Azan wishes Nicole would eat better and take more care of herself. Once they met in person, she was a bit larger than he expected.

Did Nicole cheat?

Last season, Nicole admitted to cheating on Azan, but they were able to work through it. They are still together and he forgave her for it. The thing is now it sounds like she could have cheated on him again and he might not forgive her for doing it more than once.

So Nicole took off her engagement ring and went out for the night. She made it sound like she was going out with female friends, but last night on the show, they talked about how she actually went out with a male friend. Why she left her ring at home nobody knows.

Nicole didn't admit to cheating on him, but they were both obviously upset about it and they ended up ending the interview that was going on with them at that time. Nicole said they were done talking. She left and wouldn't answer any more questions.

So did Nicole cheat on him again? Nobody really knows if she did or not. She made it sound like she didn't, but the fans are confused and think it sounds like maybe more happened.

Nicole is denying for now, but more could end up coming out later this season on the show. For now, Azan is forgiving her, but the fans just don't know if these two are going to work or not. Maybe "90 Day Fiance" will continue to bring them back for future seasons. If they do that, then we will all get a chance to see if they ever get married, but for now, things aren't looking great for the couple.

He is great with her daughter, which is a huge bonus.

Do you think that Nicole has been cheating on Azan? Do you feel like these two will end up married or not? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "90 Day Fiance" when they air on Sundays on TLC.