Spoiler from Soaps She Knows indicate that Monday's episode of "The Young and the Restless" will be filled with mayhem and confusion. A number of genoa city residents will find that chaos is running rampant in their lives as they try to make sense of what took place at The top of the Tower.

The Newman family will be reeling with drama.Nikki will find herself in the hospital after being stabbed by Dina as Zack places Abby and Scott in a dangerous situation. Crystal disappears and Neil is running all over the place attempting damage control, while Victor seems distracted by it all.

The Newman family will be worried about Abby and Nikki

Spoilers reveal that the Newman family will be dealing with several crises situations all at one time on Monday. The aftermath of Victor's gathering will be pretty brutal with Dina on the run after stabbing Nikki, and Abby and Scott being locked in a storage unit by Zack. Ms. Mergeron is on the loose in Genoa City and her children are frantic to find her. They have no idea she is dealing with dementia and they are unable to understand her recent actions.

Victoria is going to tell her family that Abby left willingly with Zack, who Crystal just announced was head of the prostitution ring. Scott ran behind them and spoilers say he will catch up to the couple just as Zack is begging Ms.

Newman to go away with him. When she refuses her beau will lock them in the storage unit in the middle of nowhere. Victor and Noah will be at the hospital with Nikki, as Jack and Ashley try to locate their mother and Sharon and Paul attempt to find Victor's daughter and Mr. Granger.

Neil will be running around doing damage control

Neil just took on the task of running interference for Newman Enterprises, and immediately his hands are full.

He was trying to downplay negative press about Brash and Sassy and had the Newman family including Nikki all pose for a photo during the gala. Now he must come up with a plan to do damage control after Crystal announced that Victor's company was funding the prostitution ring. This is indeed a public relations nightmare.

Spoilers say Neil will try to emphasize to Victor the importance of dealing with this crisis right away, but his only concern will be caring for Nikki.

Jack will even have to concede and allow his lover's estranged spouse to care for her. Make sure you don't miss Monday's episode of "The Young and the Restless" to find out the fate of Dina, Scott, and Abby.