Nicolas Cage’s new global warming film, “The Humanity Bureau” will not be available in theaters nor possibly on-demand streaming services until 2018.

Exploring the topic of Global Warming

The film is set in the year 2030 when a global warming crisis occurs in a dystopian "New America". Cage’s character, Noah Kross; is assigned to a case assisting a 30-year-old single mother and her 11-year-old son to escape to a fictional colony called, New Eden. If the New American citizens are considered to be unproductive to society, they are exiled to the colony.

Kross is determined to protect them and expose the secrets of his own agency, "The Humanity Bureau."

British Columbia, Canada sets the scenery

The film also stars Sarah Lind, Jakob Davies, and Hugh Dillon. It was filmed in beautiful British Columbia, Canada in the early part of 2017. It was directed by Rob W. King and produced by MindsEye Entertainment CEO, Kevin Dewalt. VMI Worldwide obtained the distribution rights to the film. It is filmed in the Barco Escape multi-screen format using 360-degree camera technology. It’s designed to bring the virtual reality experience to a whole new level of entertainment.

The film was inspired by real-life events, pertaining to climate change, that are threatening to destroy the environment.

Cage's fans have other films to look forward to in the upcoming new year of 2018, including "Primal" which was postponed due to the hurricane in Puerto Rico where it was scheduled to be filmed, "211," and "Looking Glass," which are both in post-production. Other films are the horror film, "Mom and Dad," which has a release date of January 2018 and was shown at the Toronto Film Festival in September of this year, and a new film called, "A Score To Settle" which is scheduled to go into production soon.

The release dates of these new films are not yet known.

He is accepting more roles in independent and low-budget films and films on streaming platforms like Amazon Video and Netflix which are gaining popularity since consumers prefer to stay home and watch movies. He is seen less in the blockbuster high-budget box office films, which are declining in record numbers due to the Hollywood scandals. All he needs is one big blockbuster film to put him over the top and he's back in the limelight again!