Last night on a new episode of "90 Day Fiance" the fans saw Chris and Nikki sit down with Annie and David. They were having a nice meal and talking about how Annie might be able to make Chris dinner now and then. She loved that idea, but then he went on to ask her about giving him a Thai Massage by the pool and that part got really awkward and confusing. It was obvious that she wasn't okay with this question. Now Chris and Nikki are saying that this was all scripted.

What really happened on the show?

Nikki explained that this entire part of the show was scripted.

She went on to explain that it was so awkward for them to do that they even had to redo it a few times. She said they didn't react because they all knew exactly what to expect from what was going on. After that, she went on to say "I’m a very outspoken person you’d be a fool to think I just sat there & [allowed] my husband to disrespect me, Annie & our marriage.” She shared that it wasn't written down, but they were told what to talk about and say.

After that post, Nikki wasn't afraid to talk to fans and answer their questions. You could tell she was pretty upset about the way that they looked on the show last night. Chris also joined into the conversation with them about the show.

How much do you make being on this reality show?

After that, they went on to talk about how much you make being on "90 Day Fiance." They actually didn't hold back on much at all. First off, Nikki made sure that everyone knows that she is not under any kind of contract from TLC. This means she feels like she can say whatever she wants without worrying about getting in trouble.

She shared that they didn't get paid at all. They were on the show as a favor to David. They are good friends and Chris has been helping David with money throughout the entire show. Fans are curious if the show paid for their trip, but they didn't reveal that either.

If what they are saying is true, then Annie and David didn't make very much money at all.

They said that David got paid $1,000 per episode and $2,500 to appear on the Tell All special. They also said that Annie didn't get paid at all. It is pretty surprising that Annie would do the show with no pay at all, but she might be thinking that David's money is her money so it was okay with her. David has made it pretty clear that he needs the money from the show.

Are you shocked to hear that this part of "90 Day Fiance" was allegedly scripted? Do you feel like a lot of the show is scripted? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "90 Day Fiance" when they air on Sundays on TLC.