Actress Anna Faris' memoir "Unqualified" is out now and many fans are eager to get the low down on what really went wrong in her marriage to "Guardians of the Galaxy" and "Jurassic World" star Chris Pratt. While she doesn't dive into the details of what made their marriage end, the 40-year old actress did talk about the tabloid rumors that plagued their relationship and eventually contributed to her insecurities.

Most notably, Faris talked about the rumors that Pratt was cheating on her with his "Passengers" co-star Jennifer Lawrence, with whom he had really good chemistry, both on screen and off-screen.

Faris admitted in her memoir that hearing those cheating rumors made her, "feel like a fool," even if she knew in her heart that Pratt was innocent of those accusations. Interestingly, the final copy of "Unqualified" that made it to bookshelves this week is, in fact, lacking one chapter that was chopped off before the final cut was sent off to the printing press. Here's why.

Anna Faris removed a 'hopeful' chapter in new book

According to Page Six, "Mom" star Anna Faris removed a, "devastatingly hopeful chapter," about her former husband Chris Pratt before the memoir, "Unqualified," hit bookshelves. The said chapter was present in an early copy and in an "uncorrected advance proof," the report said.

This copy was sent to press a couple of months before Pratt and Faris announced that they were "legally separating" in August.

The report also said that the chapter talked about how both actors made it a point to keep in constant communication while Pratt was busy promoting "Passengers." In it, Faris talked about how the pair made sure to always talk on the phone in times they were apart, and make the most of the times that they were together.

The chapter also detailed how they wanted to move back to Washington and live a low-key life after all the fame. This chapter did not make the final cut of "Unqualified."

Actress' mom won't read her memoir

"Unqualified" hit bookshelves during a difficult time in Anna Faris' life. She had just split from husband Chris Pratt, who continues to be busy with his endeavors at Marvel and the upcoming "Jurassic World" sequel, which hits theaters next year.

Faris is currently promoting her memoir and could not avoid questions about her failed marriage to Pratt. Nonetheless, Faris continues to be surrounded by people who are supportive of her, including her own mother, who admitted that she wasn't going to read Faris' memoir, as a "gift," Entertainment Tonight reported. "Unqualified" is now available wherever books are sold.