Alaskan Bush People star Ami Brown has taken a break from her second round of chemotherapy. According to reports, Ami has lost further weight and is suffering from the side effects of the cancer treatment.

Ami still hanging in there

As doctors continue the treatment for Ami, it might actually suggest that the 54-year-old is doing a lot better. it was reported earlier that there would be another round of chemotherapy if the treatment worked on Ami. Apparently, the treatment worked, and she has moved on to the second stage. However, because of Ami’s low weight and the side effects of chemo, the treatment had to be put on hold, according to The Christian Post.

Rain, 14, earlier confirmed that her mother was undergoing second chemotherapy. However, she added that she could not reveal yet her current condition. She thanked fans for all their prayers and support to her family as they go through this hard time.

Family travels to Colorado

Meanwhile, “Alaskan Bush People,” Season 8 might have started production already. Fans have spotted the Brown family on a road trip to Colorado and shared some of their photos on social media. One of the photos showed Billy, Matt, Gabe, Snowbird and Rain on Route 66. Another photo showed Billy posing with a fan at Sanders. Rain also shared a new photo on her Instagram page, which a fan said was taken at Cabela’s in Colorado.

In “Alaskan Bush People,” Season 7, the family revealed that they plan to build a new home in Colorado. As the Browns are in the area, there are speculations that they are filming for the next season now.

Noah and Bam Bam, on the other hand, are out and about with their girlfriends. It is not yet certain if they will join the show.

Noah already revealed in the previous season that he does not think Colorado is for him. Then, Bam Bam left the show in Season 6, but he returned after Ami’s cancer diagnosis.

Is Ami traveling with family?

Meanwhile, fans are wondering if Ami is traveling with her husband and children. Given her frail condition, they are worried that she is at a huge risk.

A person with cancer has a weak immune system, and traveling like that would not be good for her health.

But since Billy is with them, there is a huge possibility that Ami is also there. In his previous interview with People, Billy revealed that he almost never leaves his wife’s side. There is no way he would travel to Colorado and leave Ami in Los Angeles by herself.

Ami Brown is suffering from late stage lung cancer. It was at stage 3B when she was diagnosed at the start of 2017. There have been rumors that her cancer already advanced to stage 4, but that is yet to be confirmed by the show or the network.