It's been a month since Chris Pratt and Anna Faris broke hearts of their fans when they announced their legal separation. Today, the two actors have been spotted in public separately, both without their wedding rings. While the pair is going through couples counseling, the separation is indeed real and it looks like they aren't changing their minds about it. Pratt is keeping himself busy with work, with several films in post-production. He's slated to appear in next year's "Avengers: Infinity War" and "Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom," and lend his voice to "The Lego Movie" sequel that's due out this 2019.

Meanwhile, Faris is committed to her podcast, "Anna Faris is Unqualified," and is gearing up to release her similarly titled memoir this October. She's also preparing to return to the CBS comedy, "Mom," which the fifth season premieres on November 2.

Castmates and friends remain supportive of Anna Faris

The 57-year old actress told ET Online that Faris "has so much love and support on the set of 'Mom.'" Janney added that throughout Faris' heartbreaking separation from Chris Pratt, she remains "a very courageous and strong girl and very professional."

Pratt and Faris undergoing couples counseling

Anna Faris and Chris Pratt are parents to five-year old Jack, who is caught in the middle of their legal separation.

A source told PEOPLE that Pratt and Faris are currently going through couples counseling to "help with their future co-parenting." While this might sound as good news to fans of the couple, it is most likely that they are pushing through with the divorce and are not reconciling anytime soon.

Faris opens up about Pratt being her 'best friend'

To many, Chris Pratt and Anna Faris' relationship looked something like a dream come true.

The pair were always gracious and loving to each other in interviews and red carpet appearances, which was why it came as a shock when they announced their separation in August.

In Faris' latest column for Cosmo, she shared that she used to believe that Pratt was her best friend and that she didn't need any girlfriends. Her mind has changed throughout her experience and marriage with Pratt, however, and according to Entertainment Weekly, the actress wrote, "The idea of your mate being your best friend—that’s overhyped.

I really believe that your partner serves one purpose and each friend serves another." Sadly, the pair often referred to each other as their best friend in interviews and it is sad to see them change their minds about it. Faris returns to "Mom" this November 2.