Just as the movie adaptation of Stephen King’s iconic horror novel “It” became the biggest horror box-office hit ever, “Saturday Night Live” couldn’t resist using that movie as a setting for Kellyanne Conway, desperately trying to get an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper. The result is both terrifying and hilarious, as “Kellywise the Dancing Clown” terrifies the CNN anchor.

‘Kellywise the Dancing Clown’ appears in the drain

The skit was one of SNL’s best highlights on Saturday, as King’s terrifying character took on the form of Kellyanne Conway.

Played once again by Kate McKinnon, she made a convincing and terrifying demon to Alex Moffat’s version of a rather nervous Cooper.

Cooper accidentally drops an important piece of paper into the gutter, which gets washed down a drain, just like little Georgie’s paper boat in the movie. As Cooper bends to retrieve it Conway appears, grinning, in the drain. Now terrified to grab the piece of paper in question, Cooper desperately tries to leave, but Kellyanne stops him, telling him not to go and that she will give him a “crazy” quote.

‘Conway’ offers up a couple of juicy quotes

Referring to President Donald Trump’s recent tweets that the U.S.

can’t keep helping the island forever, Kellyanne goes on to say Puerto Rico was in a worse state before Hurricane Maria hit and that the storm actually blew some of the buildings back together.

When Cooper again tries to flee in fear, Conway offers up yet another juicy quote, saying Secretary of State Rex Tillerson hadn’t called Trump a “moron.” She said Trump and Tillerson had been sharing a sundae and Trump had asked Tillerson if he wanted more sprinkles, to which the Secretary of State responded: “more on.”

Hillary Clinton offers Cooper a copy of her book

As noted by the Hollywood Reporter, suddenly another terrifying face appears in the drain in the form of Hillary Clinton, who went on to terrorize Cooper into joining her down in the sewer by offering him a copy of her new book.

"Clinton’s" clipped pronunciation of “go on, take it” was Bill Skarsgard's Pennywise to perfection.

A cop comes along, warning Cooper not to talk to “Kellywise the Dancing Clown,” saying she had killed several people that week. But he’s too late – Cooper is almost dragged into the drain, losing an arm and as he struggles to escape, he is fully pulled down, screaming and bloody, into the sewer.

As Cooper awakens at his desk, believing it all to be simply a nightmare, an iconic red balloon goes floating by, followed by “Kellywise the Dancing Clown" performing on stage. Watch the fun in the video included below.