"Riverdale" returned for its second season and the first episode of the season caused some controversy. The controversy involved one scene that took place during the episode when Veronica makes advances on Archie. The context of the situation estranged fans as Archie had just returned from the hospital. Actress Camila Mendes shared the experience of shooting the scene.

Mendes tells all

According to Entertainment Tonight, "Riverdale" actress Camila Mendes has opened up about the steamy Shower Scene in the first episode of season two. The episode aired on October 12, was full of drama, action, and of course, romance.

The scene in question shows Veronica and Archie being intimate in the shower and Camila Mendes has talked about the scene.

Mendes admits that she knew the scene was going to happen before she read the scripts. She stated that the show's producer had warned her about the upcoming scene about a month before it was due to be shot. This gave Mendes the time to get herself prepared for the awkwardness that would ensue.

According to Cosmopolitan, Mendes stated that the scene was easier to shoot than she originally thought it would be. She stated that it was weird, but funny to have so many members of the crew standing around. She stated that the crew was not allowed to look at her and K.J. Apa when they were naked.

Mendes admitted that the scene could definitely have been more awkward if not for K.J. Apa. She claimed that her fellow actor has a gift at making these awkward scenes funny and admitted that they spent the majority of their time laughing on the day of the shoot.

The scene was controversial

According to Cosmopolitan, the scene in which Veronica and Archie get together while having a shower was received with mix reviews by fans of the show.

This is because Archie had just brought his father to the hospital and the reason he was taking a shower was to wash his father's blood off his body.

While earlier on in the episode Veronica admits that she does not know how to look after Archie, fans are not accepting this as an excuse for her behavior. Many fans are disturbed that Veronica would initiate such intimacy between herself and Archie when his father was possibly dying in the hospital.

In a report by Entertainment Tonight, K.J. Apa stated that the scene showed the development between Archie and Veronica's relationship. He stated that their relationship would be explored in more detail in the second season of the show. Fans remain confused about the nature of the scene and have been vocal about their opinion online.

The producers of "Riverdale" have not made a comment about the steamy shower scene and have not addressed public concerns.