Things are getting exciting on "Days Of Our Lives" for the week of Oct. 16-20. Something will turn out in an unexpected way which includes Victor's impossible decision. Aside from that, Sami Brady is seen kissing Chad DiMera! What are her intentions for doing that?

Victor's decision

Viewers will be surprised with Victor's confession to his wife Maggie. He tells his wife that he wants a divorce so he can marry Bonnie. This will be difficult for Maggie and their children, since no one is expecting Victor to do this. It is very unlikely for him to do such a thing, which makes it extremely suspicious.

The truth is that Bonnie blackmailed him and this time, it is getting more serious since it is taking a toll on his marriage. Fans are wondering if Victor will allow Bonnie to continue blackmailing him or if he will fight for his family even if it means he will go to jail.

But it is possible that before Victor leaves Maggie, someone will figure out that there is something wrong. Eventually, he can have Bonnie taken care of in no time. For now, no one knows what Victor will do and how he will put an end to this problems.

Justin will be suspicious and he will confront Bonnie about what is really going on between her and Victor. But it Bonnie might not spill the beans to Justin. Instead, she will continue lying.

Will Justin find out what Bonnie is trying to do with Victor?

Sami misses EJ

Meanwhile, Sami will return in "Days of Our Lives" with an emotional reunion with Lucas. But she will also have a clash with Paul and John. It seems that things become even more exciting with Sami around.

Soap Hubs reveal that Sami will be seen kissing Chad.

Could this be her revenge for Abigail's affair with EJ DiMera? Abby will be surprised to see Sami and Chad locking lips on the October 19 episode. But this might not be scandalous since Sami might just miss her husband EJ when she saw Chad.

It appears that Sami still cannot move on from the death of EJ. She believes that EJ is still alive after she received a letter from him after his death.

She will be talking with Marlena Evans about her search for EJ in Europe. Until now, Sami is still searching for a lead to eventually find her husband.

Other spoilers

Soap Hubs further reveal that Nicole will be leaving Salem after she reasons out with Brady and breaks Eric's heart. Hope and Rafe will be arguing about how she handles her being a commissioner. Sonny and Paul will also clash over an issue with Will.

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